What we're about

A mastermind, training and networking group for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and work with clients all over the world.

You're smart and savvy and you KNOW your business needs an online presence, but some of the digital world confuses you. You're tired of not having enough clients. You're tired of not understanding what to do online or knowing how to do copy-writing. You might even get stuck in the noise not just in your head beating yourself up over the slow progress of your business but also the noise and overwhelm of the online and social media world.

You want to learn and you want to get clients online. You want to mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs AND you might even like to do business with in your own network. You want to be inspired and empowered to do your soul's work and spread your zone of genius to the masses.

Interested in starting a business? Currently in the building phase? Are you growing your business and ready to scale it to the next level?

If you're daring enough to get some training and mastermind new ideas with your fellow entrepreneru, this group is for you - no matter where you are on your journey!

We'll be talking all things new age entrepreneurship. This means being ahead of the curve with building an online presence in the digital age. It also means up-leveling your marketing strategy WITH an unstoppable mindset that will get you the results you are needing to impact the world.

Being visible in the online space not only requires the tech know-how, it also requires knowledge in marketing (online and off), mindset, positioning, selling, and of course, branding.

We also dive into self-improvement, because if you aren't feeling good in your personal life, you aren't feeling GREAT in your business either! Those that take their business seriously, know this as a FACT. Be a part of trainings that deal with personal growth as it relates to the special needs of an entrepreneur.

Come join us two times each month for the Live trainings, mastermind sessions and an opportunity to network too.

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