What we're about

We will have multiple meetups to learn wealth, success and freedom strategies.

Topics at meetups could include:
- no money, no credit, no clue real estate investing
- wholesaling, fix n flip, lease w/option, buy n hold, commercial, building sober living facilities for huge ROI (one of my favorites!)
- online marketing, funnel creation, affiliate marketing, network marketing
- creating your own personal brand, online courses and live events
- cryptos and (even more importantly) Blockchain technology

This group is not about budgeting or remaining where you are. If you're ready to run with us, then come on. If you need to be dragged or pushed, stay at home. This group is for GROWTH ORIENTED people ONLY!!!

If you can't find the right vehicle or vehicles that fit your taste for creating financial freedom in this group then you just aren't meant to have financial freedom!

Join and RSVP to our next meeting. See you at the top :)

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Awaken Your Destiny


Are you an inspired person ready to live an extraordinary life? Stop Dreaming and Start Manifesting at the AWAKEN YOUR DESTINY Masterclass! At this amazing and fun workshop you'll discover: - The 4 Step "Awaken Your Destiny" Formula - How to regain control of your life - How to choose the right goals that will lead you to happiness and success (even if you don't know what you want right now) - Walk away with your own personalized "DESTINY ROADMAP" You will leave this workshop feeling excited, refreshed, renewed, and relieved to finally have a clear plan to wake your dreams into reality! IMPORTANT: SEATING IS STILL LIMITED! RSVP NOW TO ENSURE YOU GET A SPOT! Location: WeWork 600 Congress Ave Time: 6pm - 8pm Cost: FREE Bring a notebook, a pen and an open mind. "We can either make a living or design a life" - Jim Rohn

Manifest Money Masterclass


Want To Become Wealthy By Aligning With The Highest Version Of You? Join Us At The: "MANIFEST MONEY MASTERCLASS" Find Purpose, Fulfillment and Financial Freedom At this extraordinary 2 hr event you will: - Discover the 13 Most Proven Principles in history for manifesting wealth - Escape from the shackles of poverty thinking that you've been taught since birth (it's not your fault... but now it's your responsibility to fix it) - Discover how to turn your passion into profit... making money as you make a difference - Achieve an Abundance Mindset in less than 90 minutes... even if you've been struggling for years - Become a beacon of hope, respect, and inspiration for all those around you - Learn the Exact 6 Step Formula that self-made millionaires and billionaires follow to create generational wealth IMPORTANT: SEATING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED! RSVP NOW TO ENSURE YOU GET A SPOT! Location: WeWork 600 Congress Ave Time: 6pm - 8pm Cost: FREE Bring a notebook, a pen and an open mind. “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you." - Dave Ramsey

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Awaken Your Wealth


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