What we're about

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes"- Benjamin Franklin

Wills and trust planning is an educational group which aims to bring people together who have an interest in knowing more about protecting their wealth against lifetime risks such as bankruptcy, divorce, going into care, re-marriage of spouse after death, death duties etc. Inheritance taxes, if applicable causes major consternation to the beneficiaries of your will as it eats up almost half of their inheritance. We will learn about how proper planning can help mitigate most of these risks. We will tackle different issues in each meeting and will basically learn about these broad areas:

- How do I ensure my wishes are carried out on my death?

- How do I protect my family home?

- How do I make sure my children are looked after on my death?

- What are the tax implications for cohabiting and unmarried partners?

- How do I ensure the continuity and a fair price for my business?

- What is a lasting power of attorney? In what circumstances is it applicable?

In our meetings we will get to know each other and discuss the different areas that is relevant to us from a wealth preservation point of view. We will work through examples and case studies in each meeting to gain a better understanding of these topics. We will have a question and answer session for the benefit of all members. We operate in small groups to ensure maximum participation in the proceedings. We will have general networking followed by talks, presentation, examples, case studies and will end with general networking.

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