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Most people think the first mention of mastermind groups was written by Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book named Think and Grow Rich. But nearly 10 years earlier, he wrote The Law of Success, and talks about “the Master Mind” and how it’s a friendly alliance among people to support each other with their plans. In The Law of Success, Hill adds another element to the idea of a mastermind group: the group helps to organize useful knowledge, creating a virtual encyclopedia from which each member can draw information.

Wether you are a aspiring entrepreneur, business owner, Real Estate investor, college student, employee, full-time mom/dad, etc... this is the place for you to implement and spark ideas. No matter where you are in life there is always room for improvement. Stay with the Mentality of being a Student of Life.

Come Join us and Network with local like-minded people who want more out of life and are not satisfied with Mediocrity. Life is worth more then being stuck in the Rat Race . Let’s work together as a team to push each other to implement the steps needed to make that jump into business for ourselves .

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