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Cryptoasset Analysis & Discussion
Group Summary
This is a group for advanced cryptocurrency investors, researchers, and technologists who are interested in analyzing and sharing knowledge on projects, whitepapers, and innovations in a collaborative setting. This is a forum of mutual respect for advanced professionals to grow their market knowledge. It will be inclusive, seminar-style, and intended to bring actionable insights and networking opportunities. Group Purpose
The purpose of the meetup is to become more effective at understanding and evaluating this new asset class. This group is primarily intended for advanced analysts with previous exposure and a deep passion for digital assets. There are other Meetup groups catering to those who are just stepping into this market. Topics to be discussed
Cryptocurrency investment & trading strategies, specific cryptocurrency projects, network effects, crypto asset valuation techniques, the protocol & application layer of the decentralized web, token models, crypto-economics, and other relevant topics to the cryptocurrency space.

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