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Web Analytics Wednesday Plus – WaW+

Where data drives conversation

WaW+ is a technical event for anyone looking to enhance their skills in analytics, or to contribute to discussions on analytics and data science.

Building on a strong legacy of Web Analytics, core topics of interest also include statistics, econometric modelling, pricing analytics, and data visualisation. However, any interesting topic related to data science or analytics can be found at WaW+.

WaW+ is aimed at aspiring or current analytics practitioners, as presentations aim to be technical and detailed.

What it is like?

· Open and Inclusive: People of all backgrounds and levels of experience should feel comfortable expressing their ideas or asking questions at WaW+. We welcome speakers and attendees from under-represented demographic groups within data and analytics.

· Non-Sales Event: WaW+ is not a sales event. Any presentations should be about interesting analytical or technical points, not selling a product. Networking conversations should be relaxed and informal.

· Interactive: WaW+ encourages interactions from the audience including friendly interruptions, questions or points of clarification. We also encourage live demos of code, visualisations or analytics as much as possible.

· Transparent and honest: As WaW+ encourages open dialogue on complex problems, ‘I don’t know’ is celebrated as an excellent answer to any question.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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