What we're about

*Who should join*
Anyone with passion for web development & web design.
Anyone with passion for web development using either React (https://reactjs.org/), VueJs (https://vuejs.org/), Angular and Laravel (http://www.laravel.com).
Anyone interested in entrepreneurship and with desire to one day run their own business.
Anyone who would like a mentor like figure to help them make right decisions, to pick right frameworks, anyone would like to enter IT world but is not yet there.
Anyone who is already advanced web developer and would like to have another senior web developer to talk to, to discuss technology, trends, ideas, potential partnerships, etc

*Why members should join*
If you join and attend the meetings you get first person access to someone who has been in IT industry since 2001, someone who has seen a lot of stuff and worked for big companies (Sony Mobile among others), somebody willing to spend time to teach you new skills or give you advice what you could do to advance your carrier and get ahead in the game.

*What members can expect*
I'm not sure of the format yet, this is first time for me doing a meetup like this so first few meetups would be improvised, who ever shows up we could get to know each other and take it from there. What you can expect is one seriously passionate developer who would like to help next generation of developers. If you join, are passionate about development and attend meetups it could change your life for better.

*Who am I?*
I've been in IT industry since 2001, I'm a senior software engineer with preference for web development. I've quit my job in 2016 and had to figure out how to start and run my own company which I started in 2017. It's not been an easy ride and anyone looking to one day do the same would find it beneficial to talk to someone who has already done it. I offer web development services in React, Angular, VueJs and Laravel and I can give you advice how you can find clients in case you decide to try your hand at freelancing. Anyone who joins if you are able to pick up React, Angular or Vuejs quickly I'd be able and willing to help them find a dream position in IT industry.

If you are novice or would like to pick up some of the above frameworks, and are willing to put in the time and master your chosen framework I could help you get into the IT industry by recommending you to the right people in my network.

So if anything above resonates with you, join the group and look forward to the next meetup.

Upcoming events (1)

First Meetup

Koksgatan 9

I decided to keep the meetups with small groups up to 8 people so we can get to know each other. I'll only let into the meetup people who have signed up, no one else will be permit to enter since we can only handle max 8 people per meetup. Please only press yes if you truly plan to come, otherwise you will take someone's else place. If you reserve a place and do not come I'll have to remove you from the group to make the place for people who really want to meet and will attend a meetup if they signup for one. Whoever does not get a place this time there will be more meetups, I hope to find time to do regular meetups at least 1-2 a month. I'd like to get to know as many of you as possible and mentor or help those who need help be it find a job in IT or be it deciding what technologies they should focus on and master so that they can easily find jobs or start their own companies. I've started my own company in 2017 and because it has been a tough ride and I've learned many lessons that I can share with those who wish to one day do what I do currently run their own business and find clients. For others out there who are already skilled and perhaps on the same level as me, you are welcome to come and share your own story and help the new generation of software/web developers make better choices. One last thing, if you come to the meetup, come with an open mind and a positive attitude, be prepared to tell us about your self and share your story so far. Where are you right now? What are you working on right now? Got any personal projects you want to tell the rest of the attendees about? Where do you see your self going? What do you need help with? Feel free to bring your laptop if you want to show us something cool you have been working on. I'll bring mine with me and show some cool stuff I've been developing with Laravel + VueJs. Let's see what happens!

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