What we're about

What we're about

Imarticus Learning (https://imarticus.org (https://imarticus.org/)) This Meetup is for people who want to kick-start their careers in Technology - But don't know how?

Technology is a community for people, who're looking to jump-start their careers in Technology or in the web-development.

Who should join?

• Students looking to start their careers in Technology or the Web- Development Fields,

• Technology Aspirants,

• The Professionals, looking to pivot Careers into Technology & Web-development.

What do we do?

• Help you completely understand the various careers paths in Technology & Web-Development,

• Help and Guide you the right training avenues for you,

• Help you to find placements for Technology roles,

• Provide mentorship and guidance in Technology Pursuits

Education Partner:

SAP and IIBA are focused on building the concepts of Technology & Web-Development and gives you all the tools, techniques, and core concepts needed to make an impact.

In just 12-14 weeks, you'll apply problem-solving and creative thinking to real-world data sets, gaining experience across the entire Technology field.

Find more about them at,

Agile Business And Analyst Course: ( https://imarticus.org/agile-business-analyst-and-scrum-prodegree-with-sap/)

Full-Stack Developer Course: ( https://imarticus.org/full-stack-development-certification-program)

About the Organizers:

Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/ImarticusLearning/ )

Imarticus Learning: https://twitter.com/imarticus

Imarticus Learning: ( https://www.instagram.com/imarticus/ )

Imarticus Learning: ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/2644718/admin/ )

This is a group for anyone interested in web development, programming or coding. Who loves "LOGIC" and "CREATIVITY WITH FUN" All skill levels are welcome.

I started this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with everybody.

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