26 – Getting started with Business Metrics

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Achtung Dienstag, wegen Feiertag!

Wir haben einen professionellen Speaker zu Gast, also schnell anmelden.

Getting started with Business Metrics in PHP applications
Measuring & gathering infrastructure metrics is easy nowadays thanks to free tools like prometheus, grafana and a whole lot of exporters for servers, databases, redis, docker and so on. For sure those metrics are important for the reliable operation of your systems, but do they tell you, if your business is successful?
With a few examples I want to show you how to measure & monitor business relevant values from within your application(s) by introducing you to different PHP libraries that help you accomplish transparency of success factors. In the end I will show you how to set up a dashboard and alerts that even your manager(s) like and understand.

Holger Woltersdorf
CIO - Head of FORTUNE SOLUTIONS at Fortuneglobe GmbH. About 12 years of developer and team-lead experience in mobile communication and fashion eCommerce industry. PHP developer for more than 16 years, Co-founder and chairman of the PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V., avid meetup and conference speaker, core-developer of the open-source PHP framework "IceHawk", dedicated to multiple other PHP open-source projects.

- https://twitter.com/hollodotme
- https://github.com/hollodotme
- https://hollo.me

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