What we're about


• Up to date, accurate, comprehensive discussion of the core technologies you need to know to do modern web design and development work.

• Everything you need to know to learn anything you might want to know. (Everything you need to know to bootstrap your web design and development career.)

• An online community and resources as well as in-person meetups.

• There is a fee.

• Contact me with any questions.


This is a “soup to nuts” fundamentals of web design and development meetup.

I'm currently teaching web design and JavaScript classes in association with CCAE in Cambridge. This meetup is an attempt to extend the classes to more people, go beyond what we're able to cover in that class, and also reduce the costs.

The overarching goal is to do a comprehensive job of covering all you need to know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, full stop.

This is intended to be an alternative to the seemingly endless list of overlapping incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain incorrect tutorials, articles, learn to code sites, books, etc.

We’ll stick closely to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related topics.

We'll stay clear of anything that is very opinionated or that takes us away from core technologies, e.g. specific libraries, frameworks, or platforms. (Preprocessors like Sass are probably the limit.) We will cover topics necessary to put what we're learning about HTML CSS, and JS to good use.

Of course you may be interested in other topics too. If you already know all of the material that underlies those topics, I would encourage you to pursue them. What I think is missing, is comprehensive treatment of foundational topics.

There is a fee for the meetup.

I don't see this as a money making opportunity, but beyond donating my time, the meetup needs to pay for itself. Also, there's just something about paying for a thing. It raises everyone's expectations. If the cost is a hardship for you, let me know. I'm be happy to refund your money, within reason.

The material will be broken up into sections roughly corresponding to the weekly sessions of the classes I teach. So each section corresponds roughly to a week. A 6 week term for the HTML/CSS or JS classes costs $200.00. I'm setting the fee for the meetup at $10 per section. ($60 rather than $200 for the same material). But we don't need to stop at 6 weeks.

The fee includes access to online resources, including comprehensive notes, a dedicated discussion forum, and possibly a chat and more (depending largely on interest). There will also be an in-person meetup at some point. How that piece is going to work is not clear at the moment.

I'm not currently planning on streaming meetups.

I'll post the first couple of sets of notes in the open so that you can evaluate the quality of the material.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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