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Meet for SPEED - WebPageTest filmstrip deep dive
Come join us at Meet for SPEED event! Bring your laptop and we'll work together on optimizing our sites. You can benefit even if you can't edit your site right now - we will be happy to share the knowledge. We'll all learn how to see what's slow and how to make it fast! Our host, Priceline, provides food and drinks so we don't go hungry. Theme: WebPageTest filmstrip deep dive WebPagetest is used for measuring and analyzing the performance of web pages. Created originally at AOL by Patrick Meenan in 2008 and now enjoying backing by prominent technology companies like Google, WebPageTest (WPT) is the swiss army knife for measuring your site's performance.


470 Park Ave South · New York, NY


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Meet with other web developers, designers, business people and system administrators who're interested in making their sites work fast to get better user experience, lower abandonment rates and more money.


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