WebXR in 2018


Its been a while, but as promised we are back! Skillsmatter are hosting us and there will be Pizza. We are in the midst of getting all talks lined up, so watch this space.

You don't need to RSVP here, but you must RSVP on the Skillsmatter website -- https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10845-webxr-in-2018

TALKS Start around 19:00

Talk 1 : Peter & Diego ( Samsung )
WebXR: Introducing Mixed Reality and the Immersive Web

“WebXR” is the API formerly known as WebVR, upgraded to embrace the web’s potential not just for Virtual Reality, but for immersive Mixed Reality experiences. We can start exploring the possibilities now, using libraries like Mozilla’s WebXR Polyfill and Google’s three.ar.js, plus special development browsers that incorporate ARCore (Android) or ARKit (iOS). This talk will share how you can begin to blend the real world and the digital world as a Mixed Reality web developer - and a glimpse into the exciting future of the Immersive Web.

Talk 2: Indira Knight
UI in VR

Our very own Indira is going to be talking about UI in VR.


Demos and Networking.