What we're about

“Some people are so busy learning the tricks of the trade that they never learn the trade.”

We will take the approach that web development is a craft.

We'll emphasize best practices rooted in established standards. Our goal will not just be to learn a little bit about these technologies, but to become thoroughly familiar with them including: the specs themselves, all facets of development, modern design principles and responsive techniques.

This is also a chance to meet other people with similar goals and interests, in a comfortable setting. That in itself has the potential to be incredibly enriching. I can't emphasize enough that everyone is welcome! If you're sincerely interested and motivated to put in the time and effort, you will be successful and we'd love to have you join us! Community is an important part of web design and development, and there is just not enough opportunities for community involvement for people serious about this field but also still getting started. You shouldn't need to be accomplished to feel welcome.

This group is for those just starting out, absolutely. But it is also a group for people who are feeling a bit lost, and even experienced developers interested in slowing down and embracing the fundamentals of web development. We all need a solid foundation. It's the fundamentals that will serve you well when you're dealing with whatever comes along in the future.

This is a group for people who are serious about becoming competent web designers and developers.

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