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Welcome to the Web of Life-Intuitive Shamanic Animists Meetup group.

We All Belong in the sacred Web of Life.

We are:
Intuitive-We are Intuitive beings
Shamanic-The rhythm is the bridge to the worlds within
Animists-We feel we are a part of Nature-All is connected

You have found your way to the meetup group Web of Life-INTUITIVE SHAMANIC ANIMISTS in Tucson, AZ. We welcome your interest in animism (the knowing that all is connected in the sacred web of life), and practicing the shamanic intuitive arts!

Here, you can join with other folks interested in having Spirit World experiences, exploring our animist heritage and sharing our experiences with each other. We explore the areas of trance, intuition, drumming, divination, energetic soul work and the shamanic journey in ways that help us explore our healing, inner peace, and connection with our inner worlds and dreaming mind.

If you become a member of this group you can view the calendar and read more about upcoming offerings (which take place in multiple locations around town), receive reminders of events and the most updated info! If and when you join this group and attend a meetup/circle offered by an assistant organizer or organizer of this group, it means you have read and agree to our "Principles of Agreement " seen below.

This group was started by Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner ( http://www.quynn.com ). Circles are offered by a number of practitioners in the shamanic, intuitive and wellness arts- All are friends of Web of Life who participate in circles, workshops and trainings here! Each practitioner comes with their own gifts, and their own approach to spirit world connection and wellness. Please Note: These offerings in no way are meant to replace any kind of medical or psychological treatment.

All genders are welcome, as are people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and persuasions. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities to explore the journey, together. You can find out more about our approach at http://www.shamanicanimism.com/ (http://www.shamanworld.com/).

Please note: We promote these offerings in addition to listing them at this group, so listed attendance is not necessarily reflective of how many people participate.


"Raven's Eye" drawing by Elisabeth Black.

"Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to experience emotional and spiritual healing." Quynn

There are many wonderful opportunities for intuitive self-refection, traumatic soul restoration and spiritual exploration in the gatherings offered here. Once you join this group, the best way to explore is to show up to a circle that interests you. Each facilitator is kind and openhearted, with a strong skill set in their area of interest.

Happy Journeys! See you soon!,


"7 Principles of Agreement" of Web of Life-Intuitive Shamanic Animists


1) A “circle” is any gathering/event hosted by Earth Web Media’s meetup group Web of Life-INTUITIVE SHAMANIC ANIMISTS, no matter the venue.

2) We are all unique beings from different backgrounds, belief systems and with a variety of personal issues and sensitivities. AND- We are all responsible adults taking care of ourselves, our own bodies, actions and emotions. No attendee will hold Earth Web Media (EWM), or Web of Life- Intuitive Shamanic Animists, the organizer or event organizer responsible for any miscommunication, misstep or perceived affront. By attending any circle offered through the meetup, you indicate that you agree with the statements here, as well as our Liability Release form stated HERE (http://www.meetup.com/tucson-institute-for-the-shamanic-arts/pages/RELEASE_OF_LIABILITY_AGREEMENT/).

3) We are all on our spiritual paths as self-healers. No one has the right or only answer for anyone else. This group is designed for each of us to find the right answers for ourselves. We each intend to act from our highest self at all times. At no time is violence, abusive language or aggression (in the physical world or through the web/phone) tolerated by anyone.

4) Words and beliefs can activate, but they can also offend. We intend that circles offer opportunities for participants to connect with their spirit world, and other like-minded people. If at any time, your buttons get pushed by someone or something said/done, we ask that you speak your issue to the event organizer. If you do not feel you can do this in a calm and appropriate manner, we ask that you leave the circle at that time. No value judgment will be waged. You may come back to another circle if you feel so inclined.

5) If such an incident does occur and it is not resolved in the circle, we ask that you bring up the issue after circle with the event organizer and meetup organizers by email. Every attempt will be made to deal with the issue peaceably.

6) A person can be removed from the meetup.com group for any reason (as stated in the agreement we all sign at meetup.com). A person may, and will, be removed from the group if conflicts/issues are not resolved in a manner that satisfies the organizer(s) and /or the participant.

7) A great deal of the beauty and power that can be experienced in a circle is the witnessing and sharing that happens in sacred space held by all. By attending a circle all participants agree that confidentiality is important, so what is shared in group, stays in group. If something is said that bothers, offends, or worries someone in such group, bring it up with event organizer and meetup organizer. Speaking about other circle participants outside of the context of the circle is a violation of their personal privacy and such an act can result in group removal.

May peace be upon you and may we always be a perfect and loving mirror for each other.


Upcoming events (5+)

Introduction to Drumming for Journeying

Web of Life Animist church

Do you have a drum that wants to be played? Do you want to enhance your ability to drum consistently for longer periods of time so you can feel entranced and expand your consciousness? If so, please join me for this circle. Whether your drum is an old and trusted friend, or you are beginning your relationship with your drum, come and connect more deeply with this sacred being, with like-minded people, and their drum friends. There is a style of drumming that is particularly conducive for opening the dreaming mind and activating an Inner World (often called "shamanic") Journey. This circle focuses on this kind of drumming. Come learn about it, even if you do not feel ready to play a drum. If your drum is new to you, do not be nervous about how well you play your drum in this circle. The only way to get more comfortable is to play your drum. This circle is a safe place to do that. For those who have a strong relationship with your drum(s), you can go deeper in your relationship. You can ask your drum what it wants, and how you can honor it. All in attendance will consciously ask our drums for their guidance and wisdom for us in the coming days and season. In our circle we will travel, and communicate with, the Sacred Drum. You do not need inner world journeying experience. If you do not have your own drum, we have a couple to share. We begin at 6pm and end at 7:30pm. Thank you! This circle is offered by sliding scale of $8-$20 depending on income. Offer what you can. your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic intuitive and drummer. Her drums have led her to many important teachings!

OOlah-Personal Soul Restoration Sessions with Quynn

Web of Life Animist church

These are Personal Sessions with Quynn. To schedule, please post your desired time in the comments below. If you only RSVP and do not confirm time, you are NOT scheduled. There are other times available as well, if this day does not work for you. Please send me a message and we can find a time. OOlah is the name given to me by my Spirit Guides for my role- One Who Balances. Join me today for a personal session to help you access what is ready to be restored, so you can feel more balanced! After we open our sacred circle and you share your intention, I will journey into my Spirit World for information needed most right now. Using rhythmic storytelling, shamanic journeying, energy body balancing, crystals and other tools, we (our guides together) help you to understand, restore and balance important energetic power in your body, mind and spirit. :) No "shamanic" or "journeying" experience is necessary. Session times available: 12pm-Available 1pm-Available 2pm-Available Each ceremony is 50 minutes and the requested donation is $40-$90 depending on your financial situation. a square credit card reader will be available. If you sign up, and cannot attend, change your RSVP by the night before so someone else can have the spot, and so my time is respected. Thank you! Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner since 1999, and "OOlah" in her own tradition. Quynn has worked with many people as they heal, reclaim and activate their gifts. and is continually awe filled by the magic that occurs in Spirit guided ceremonies.

Friday Fire Circle for Gratitude and Release

Web of Life Animist church

You are invited to our circle around the fire in our backyard. Fire is our Teacher and Elder. We will circle the Fire to share our blessings and challenges with this Wise and Fierce Ally by making offerings and intentions. After we open our sacred circle, walking and making rhythm around the Fire will focus our energy and soothe our minds. Optional sharing and a Blessing will close our circle. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one. We have rattles to share. Requested Sliding Scale for this circle is $5-$15 Dress warmly for this one hour circle. Entrance is through back gate - access the alley behind the building and parking is available in small lot behind, or on street by Safeway.

Shoppe Sale 20% off and Free Self Serve Oracle Readings

Web of Life Animist church

20% off all Items today!!! Come join us to find sacred items and get a Self Serve reading from our table of Oracle decks (not available for sale) for your divination pleasure. We have a variety of second hand Oracle decks for sale as well. We specialize in gently used beautiful spiritual tools and statues as well as a variety of Altar items, bags and cloths. We acquire beautiful items and spiritually recycle them by finding new homes for them. Come see what we have, as new beauties come in all the time! Quynn is your host today. You are welcome to come by to say hi and have a cup of tea! Sales from this shoppe support Earth Web Media, the religious nonprofit (Animist "church") that houses ISA. Cash and CC card accepted. Parking is in front of building (please don't park in front of Magic Koffee), and in back lot behind building. Also on street by Safeway) Do you have unique items that you want to donate? Let Quynn know. :)

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