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What we’re about

Come play live rock music every Wednesday. This is for anyone wanting to meet and play with other amateur musicians in the Denver area. We welcome all ages, skill levels, and musical tastes. This is a COACHED jam session, meaning there will be some structure and learning happening.

Before coming to this meetup: 
This jam is for folks who meet the following criteria. 
Must have basic knowledge of your instrument/basic musical concepts. If you are an ABSOLUTE beginner, please contact us and we can set you up with some introductory lessons to get the basics down.
This is for musicians who love to play and are interested in improving their skills in a judgment-free environment. If you are looking for a place to show off or brag, go to a bar. 
You must come with a positive attitude, be willing to learn and take some critiques. If you think you are one of the greats, go get a gig at a bar and we'll see you there. 
Basic skill/competence requirements for each instrument. 
Singers: Be able to sing in a range of keys, sing off a lyrics sheet, and follow instructions.
Guitar/Bass/Keyboards must know their basic major, minor, and 7 chords, and must be able to count to 4. 
Drummers must know a basic rock beat, blues shuffle beat, and bonus points for a "train" beat. Since the drums are so important to the sound of the group, you may be asked to pay less or more depending on your timing. If you'd like more info, please call us!

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