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Let's Clean Up Sherman Oaks Park! (FREE/Volunteer)
Let's restore Sherman Oaks park to its natural beauty. Every weekend, our park grounds become strewn with debris and trash from birthday parties and other celebrations. Meet other altruistic and environmentally-conscious individuals! For an hour, we will pick up litter and help keep our environment clean. Bring your own trash bag, or if you can't, I'll bring extras. Thank you for your help! Please pass this event on and help spread the good karma! Please arrive within 10 MINUTES of start time. Then we will leave and be in the park so you will have to find us. Note: If Sunday would work better for you, let me know. We want to get as many people as possible involved.

Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park

14201 Huston St Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 · Sherman Oaks, CA

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Do you have free time during the day and want to learn new things?
This is more of an informal meetup - I am interested in many different things and would love to have some company and perhaps build a community. No experience in any of these things is required, but you MUST have GOOD VIBES, a positive attitude, a desire to help others and a willingness to learn. if you are an expert in a certain topic and would like to host an event, let me know! Feel free to bring snacks. Friendly dogs are also welcome. I have a yellow Lab who I will bring. She loves other people/animals/dogs but is young and hyper so FYI.

We will meet at the corner of Huston St and Hazeltine Ave and find a park bench from there.

Monday (12-1pm): World Peace/Equality/Spiritual Meditations (FREE): Join me as we meditate together for world peace and equality. We will begin with three opening prayers to draw powerful energy to help us in healing and then go into the meditation. No experience in meditation required, simply a desire to create a positive difference in the world. Group meditations for world peace have been scientifically proven to reduce violence. See study:

Tuesday (12-2pm): Tarot Study and Practice Group ($5): Learn about the different cards of the Tarot deck. Each day we will study three different cards, then we will practice doing readings on each other. Please bring your own tarot deck.

Wednesday (12-1pm): Learning How to Trade Cryptocurrency ($5): Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing forms of alternative investments today. We will learn from one of the experts in the field who has written a book on how to become a cryptocurrency millionaire. Each week we will go over a chapter from the book and discuss it together, along with any investments we've made.

Thursday (12-2pm): Mediumship Circle ($5): Have you lost a friend or family member and want to learn how to communicate with them? We will practice meditations and techniques to help us hone our natural abilities to tune into the world of spirit. Friday (12-2pm): Writing (FREE): Come join me to write in the park. All different types of writers and levels of experience welcome. I am working on a novel. Two hours of writing followed by short discussion after.

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