What we're about

This group is intended to bring together individuals who enjoy doing outdoor activities and spending time in nature during weekdays. We would like to invite anyone who does not have a 9 to 5 commitment to join our group, whether you are on vacation, work shifts, are retired, have time off or simply looking for fun things to do on weekdays.

We will organize Fat Bike rides anytime of the year on the Regional Forests trails, electric bike rides on our hilly region, paddle or fish on a kayak on beautiful Lake Simcoe, and snowshoe in the winter months in our peaceful Regional Forest.

While some people love to own their gear, some don't, so we offer Fat Bikes, E-Bikes, Fishing/leisure Kayaks and Snow Shoes for you to rent them or buy them from us. However, if you do own any of them and would like to connect with other Fat Bike and E-bike enthusiasts, kayakers or snowshoers, you are more than welcome to join us as well. If you would like to introduce others to any of these activities, like your significant other, family or friends, they can rent or buy them too, so they can give it a try and hopefully motivate them to join you in your future independent adventures.

All skill levels are welcome as we will learn from each other. We will be exploring different biking and snowshoeing trails all year round in the York and Durham regional forests initially, but expanding to other neighbouring areas as we grow. For kayaking we will be mainly on Lake Simcoe and the different affluent rivers connecting to it. We would like to have a small social gathering after the events to get to know each other better and form a Fat Bike - Kayak - Snowshoe community. We love how combining the three activities can excercise the entire body and increase the overall wellness by spending time in nature throughout the entire year. Now, there is no excuse why not to spend time in nature, is it? Come and join us!

NOTE: 18 years old or older, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian (please notice that available Fat Bikes for rent are not for suitable for kids, but kids 13 year old or older are welcome with their own bikes). Minimum height is 4´10”. We ask parents or guardians to keep an eye on their kids at all times to make the event enjoyable for everyone. Some events may be adults only, but we will advise if so.

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