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A group for weekday warriors who need an escape to nature...a chance to exercise...escape the city...see the beautiful outdoors...and meet other adventurers. (Almost) every weekend will be a hike, ski day, or explore a new area like waterfall or coastal nook. Also...night excursions to socialize, drink or eat, discuss new trip ideas, share pictures, and let our hair down. I'm a big beer fan so breweries will come up but they have food and nonalcoholic options. The idea is still adventuring...but with night options.

So, for specifics:


Hikes will always be carpooling from a common spot. When the full number of people arrive, we jointly decide who will drive and how many cars will go. People are free to take their own cars if preferred. I will have maps and directions to trailhead for the extra cars. Extra cars can stay in the parking lot.

Look at the distance and elevation gain to see if it is in your comfort zone. For locals who have hiked it, Spencers butte is about 700 feet gain and 3 miles round trip, if that helps with comparing to other hikes. But I encourage people to challenge themselves with longer hikes then they have tried before, so be adventurous! (and safe)

ALWAYS bring food and water, preferable a lunch and snacks.

Bring good hiking shoes or boots, and warm layers.

Except for summer, a waterproof layer is important too.

The timing of hikes will vary depending on our speed, the drive, and if we stop on the way back. Please be sure to say at the beginning if you need to be back by a certain time. Staring times usually 9, sometimes 8am, and getting back will vary from 3 to 6 if we stop for food on the ways back.

Speed: The pace will vary with the group, but we always wait for others to catch up. Overall moderate pace, about 2-3, miles/hour.

Health concerns: Please let me know at the beginning of the hike if there are health concerns from ankle issues to asthma. Being aware helps in the long run.

Dogs are welcome, always bring a leash. Some hikes may be less dog friendly, I will try and make a note of them in the hike description.

Night time excursions:

These will vary from location to type of event. Events will include a range of the following: social gatherings at breweries or restaurants to drink (alcoholic and non) eat and socialize, bowling, games like pool and shuffleboard, dinners out, festivals, etc. Plan on meeting at the assigned location, and looking for leader with a sign. Feel free to message on the site if having trouble finding it or will be late, etc. And of course may include paying for own food and entry fees, or just coming to say hi, up to the individual. Often overlapping dinner, and most places will have food options for those who haven't eaten. Overall, these will be times to relax and get to know each other. And adventure in new experiences!

I hope these details help. I was not as specific before, and wanted to clarify the details. I look forward to meeting new and repeat members on new adventures!!

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Goodman Creek if good to us

South Eugene High Shcool

Folk Music Jam Session

Oakshire Brewing Public House

Mad Libs at the Bier Stein

1591 Willamette St

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