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Nothing fancy but a group of people who wants to expand their circle, finding friends who like to hang around and enjoy life together. I funded to setup the group and no intention to make profits out from here, we will just share the cost of each event and enjoy the time being together. ^.^

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1) Focus on what we will do :-

Target any kinds of activities from Hiking, Kayaking, Island Hopping w/ Picnic, Diving, Drinks, Dining or even arranging short trips to near by countries.

2) Couple Ground Rules :-

a) For new joiners, please try to share as much as you can during the questionnaire, the objective for here is to get to know each other. Please upload your own photo as there is nothing we need to hide from friends, everyone is welcome and we should respect each other.

b) For anyone who has been no show more than twice, will be removed from the group. Please give some heads up if you cannot make it before hand. (If there is event where up front deposit is required, we will share the deposit together too but will make it clear to everyone up front if so.)

More important: This is not me who is driving it all, any suggestion is welcome by messaging me and we can discuss who we can do to have fun together

Lastly, this is my first MeetUp group, so feel free to share any comment and feedback so that I can adjust myself. I am not expert on what I do, but I do enjoy being around with friends

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