Sunday Sunday Sunday! A special encore for one of our most popular walks ever - plus another exotic restaurant!

Lake Merritt is a cheery walk that's always near water, with an easy 3-mile trail past some lovely lakeside views that will deliver us straight to Oakland's wonderful 7-acre public garden. And this time, we'll take the trail that goes past "Children's Fairyland" ( for a peek at the colorful fairy-tale houses that are said to have inspired Disneyland.

We'll enjoy a walking path that's perfectly level, and it's also nice and wide, which will make it easy to have a good conversation. So come and join your walking friends for a fun Sunday chat and a walk - plus a new culinary adventure!

After the walk, anyone who wants to can join us for brunch at Bacheeso's Mediterranean restaurant ( Whether you're craving apple french toast or homemade dolmas with tarama salata, it's all locally-grown with all-natural meats ( (and lots of vegetarian choices). Relax with your friends beneath palm trees and bright adobe walls in an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere (in a restaurant so healthy it was the first one chosen for the "Eat Well Berkeley nutrition program). In fact, their slogan is "eat well, eat healthy...where the Mediterranean meets Oakland".

So come and be part of the fun!