What we're about

Men, 38-54
Corporate and Entrepreneurs
This event is for anyone Stuck in transition- Motivation not enough- always reading books, seminars, videos, but not moving forward.
Men who have Lost their EDGE because so concerned with what other people's expectations- business, family, friends, community- put themselves last. Have Turned in to a weak man
For men with the False belief that success came from money..- idolise others for what they have on the outside. Fail; to except the PRICE of success- sacrifice marriage, family, health, then not satisfied with outcome- who they see in mirror.
For men who have lost their purpose/ passion. Have lost the competitive edge that gave them the advantage, gave them the drive.
This is an open, honest RAW discussion on reclaiming your KINGDOM!
If your ready for CHANGE, then this may just be for you.

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