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Welcome to Weekend Workshops in London.

This Meetup is all about providing workshops and mini courses for those who are wanting to fill their weekend with something different.

All the workshops are run by highly experienced trainers who offer amazing experiences.

The workshops will be highly interactive so you will leave with real skills and results.

So who should come to these workshops?

People who want to do something different with their weekends
Those who want to learn cool new skills
People who want to meet new like minded people

This Meetup is run by Matt Kendall. Matt is one of the most experienced Meetup hosts in the UK. Having run Interesting Talks London for 7 years, he knows how to facilitate a Meetup properly.

At these workshops you will be well taken care of and they will be excellent value for money. Come along and join in the fun.

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Psych Talks Presents: Psychologically Speaking! Personality & behaviour

Multiple speaker event talking about personality and behaviour. About this Event Psychologically Speaking is a new event series. Each month we invite several speakers to talk on a specific subject. The first event is focused on personality and behaviour. What happens when we are put in extreme conditions and how do we cope? Can we really change who we are or can a leopard never change their spots? David McMillan - Surviving supermax prison, torture and solitary confinement London-born David McMillan, a former drug smuggler, faced execution in Thailand in 1996 before a break-out & escape to Pakistan. Captured again, he underwent torture in the cells of Karachi, although eventually acquitted. In a 40-year underworld career, McMillan endured modern supermax 24/7 observation to lightless dungeons after being ‘disappeared’ for crossing corrupt jail officials in Hyderabad. The Talk: David will tell of survival by transformation and other demands that follow imprisonment in the worst conditions. The adaptations needed, the inescapable effects upon himself and other prisoners with the ever-present fear of permanent psychological damage from harsh treatment alternating with sensory deprivation. Suzette Shahmoon - The neurobiology of fear and why we disconnect from our self The moment we come into this world, our connection to our mother is severed and we realise we are alone. We are hardwired to connect but to connect to others we need to be connected to our self. But what is this self and why do we disconnect? We are designed to be empathic, but we are also designed to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. Threat can be physical but more often than not it’s psychological. The slightest threat to one’s own self-image can cause us to behave in ways that we don’t want or like. This talk will explore the neurobiology of fear and the impact it has on us and our relationships with our self and others. Her current interest is in the science of connection. Suzette is currently at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology, UCL, researching wellbeing in people with chronic neurological illness as part of her PhD project. Harriet Waley-Cohen - How changing my behaviour saved my life Harriet was in the grips of serious addiction in her 20s that almost killed her, and has now been sober over 17 years. To get and stay sober, she learnt on a deep level the kind of behaviour change that is required to stay in good shape mentally no matter what life throws at you, and without anesthetising yourself from challenging emotions in any way or playing the victim. Life has thrown a lot at Harriet during her sobriety - she chose to walk away from an unhealthy marriage and become a single mother before launching her own business, and just when that was taking off, she was badly injured in a car crash in 2016 and then dealt with breast cancer in 2018. Expect plenty of practical advice spoken from the heart, and learnt often the hard way. Harriet empowers people to leave behind self-doubt, disempowering patterns and overwhelm in favour of new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that create confidence, wellbeing and success. She is described by Vanessa Vallely OBE, MD of WeAreThe City as ‘a real superwoman who empowers others wherever she goes’ – so it is no surprise that Harriet won Best Storyteller and Most Memorable Speaker at the UK Annual Female Speakers Conference in 2019, plus was given an award for Leadership in the World by The Network for Transformational Leaders at the end of 2019. Who is this for? Anyone with an interest in psychology What is the venue like? The Curtain is a 5 star members club Can I bring my own drinks? No. Only food and drinks purchased on the premises can be consumed at the event. Disclaimer When purchasing your ticket you are agreeing to become a day member of The Curtain Club. Your name and email will be shared with them for marketing purposes. You may opt out at any time.

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