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Sunset Stand Up Paddleboard/Kayak/Rental/Lesson (most) Th & Fri
Details IMPORTANT: Please text me your name and confirmation you are showing up between 3 and 5PM the day you are scheduled to paddle-[masked]. Thank you. LOCATION AND TIMES: Sunset Paddleboard/Kayak Tours are back, most Thursday and Friday evenings on Sylvan Lake, from 7PM until sunset (which can be amazing!). If your ETA is before 6:50PM, you can park at Stange Sports Headquarters, 321 Pioneer, Pontiac. Feel free to come in, change, use the bathroom, and follow me to the boat launch. Any time after that, simply meet us at the boat launch at Dawsons Millpond/ Beaudette Park just one mile away and text me at[masked] to let me know exactly what time to expect you (assuming your driving up Telegraph Rd from the south, take S Telegraph to Orchard Lake Rd and turn left on Riverbank Dr, following the windy park road to the end, and you’ll us unloading SUPs. The water is always calm in the boat launch area, even on windy days. Beginners will have a much easier time standing up and practicing in the two mile cove of Sylvan Lake. PACKAGES, PRICES, AND DISCOUNTS: $25—Regular price for first-time paddlers; includes SUP/kayak rental, transportation of SUP/kayak, semi-private lessons, at least 3 group/private pictures, an incredibly useful 2gig USP key fob for your keychain which includes incredible information. $20—Special price for experienced paddlers who require no instruction (you may be tested), and regular participants from last year. For a limited time, receive a $10 discount on your second sunset tour when you leave a great review of your previous experience on both the Stange Sports Facebook page and Yelp. If you’d like to rent paddleboards for your own adventure, text us with when you would like to pick up and drop off the board, and we’ll negotiate the best price you’ll find anywhere. (A small cash deposit and photo of your drivers license will be required.) I will also show you how you can strap down a paddleboard to the roof of almost any type of car. For just $10 more, I’ll provide you with all the equipment needed to transport 1 or 2 boards on the roof of your car. HOW TO PAY AND RESERVE YOUR SUP OR KAYAK: I generally have at least 7 SUPs and 2 kayaks (for those people who might not be ready to SUP) available during the week (a few are rented out at any given time). You can also pay using square cash or google wallet, using my phone number. If you want to risk paying in person, the cost is $25 cash and must be paid prior to the tour, and you MUST text me a few hours before arriving in order to ensure you will have a board available.

Beaudette Park

800 Orchard Lake Rd. · Pontiac, MI

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WiLL’s 7 Core Beliefs

1. EVERYTHING is a choice! Everything you are, have, love, and hate in your life stems from a lifetime of your choices. Every sacrificial choice (what you should do) uses will-power. If that finite resource is depleted on diet alone, your other obligations will suffer, and vice versa. WiLL coaches members how to REPLACE negative habits, rather than deny themselves.

2. Your FIRSTdecisionis to improve, maintain, or decrease the quality of your life though your priorities. Yes, it is that simple.

3. The FAIREST aspect of life is how universally UNFAIR it is. Some combination of unfortunate genetics/childhoods, and/or devastating loss/accidents/disease/injury happen to almost everyone eventually. Only by accepting the fact that suffering is an inevitable part of life can you hope to sustain happiness.

4. We believe in REAL food. Almost every “food-like” substance invented in our lifetime is another way for agribusinesses to profit at our expense/health. If our great-grandparents wouldn’t recognize it as food, neither should we.

5. Fitness should be FUN! With a little guidance, EVERYONE can find enjoyable activities to provide enough exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote weight loss (if desired).

6. Meditation is for EVERYONE. Too busy to meditate once a day? Meditate twice a day! Every clinical study ever conducted has empirically demonstrated numerous benefits. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, I’ve personally found just 15 minutes of meditation a day gives me 30+ MORE minutes of productivity while increasing my sleep quality and happiness.

7. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Overused as it is wise, the sentiment that precedes it is just as important and relevant. “Always with you what cannot be done...You must unlearn what you have learned...” You must unlearn a lifetime of lies force-fed though media by an industry with more influence over our lawmakers than you could imagine. If you are among the millions who have failed previous diets, please forgive yourself. It’s not you that failed but the diet. EVERY diet fails, only by developing a new LIFESTYLE can anyone hope to succeed. It CAN be done. Don’t try...DO!

WiLL is unique in our complete approach to wellness. After a goal-setting session, it continues to educate and motivate ever client until living well becomes a LIFESTYLE.

To remove every barrier or excuse, this system costs just $1/month (for the first 99 clients, $6/month for the next 100, entire first year). Our business is currently prioritizing exponential growth. After our first 199 members, prices will rise. And while some clients may feel satisfied with their personal growth in under a year and leave, I hope that most will feel the incredible motivation, friendships formed though groups and partnerships, and ease of earning/winning points and the hundreds of ways they can be “spent,” will be enough to entice most to remain.

Clients can always terminate membership without penalty, and are encouraged to leave an honest review if they are not entirely satisfied for any reason.

I intend to transition the Ferndale Brunch Club into the Meetup version of the Weight Loss Lifestyle Club. The Meetup group and all events posted on the site’s calendar will remain entirely FREE. It represents a commitment-free way for prospective members to learn about and attend upcoming events, and another way to discover how to take the first step towards total wellness transformation.

I hope every member of the FBC takes that first step and joins the new Meetup group as soon as the site allows me to form it. The Grand Opening of WiLL occurs Monday, Halloween ‘16, with the release of our first weekly newsletter, The Monday DO!

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