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I am taking a course online right now with Anita Johnston, author of Eating in the Light of the Moon, and feel inspired to share this approach with others. I know that with support, we can accomplish so much more!

"This beautifully-written book sheds new light on struggles with eating . . . and offers hope for all who want to be free." -- Kim Chernin author of The Hungry Self

"This book is a gift to all women who struggle for true nourishment!" -- Christiane Northrup, M.D. author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

In preparation for our new group, which will begin meeting in October, please feel free to buy and read the book Eating in the Light of the Moon ( https://www.amazon.com/Eating-Light-Moon-Relationship-Storytelling/dp/0936077360 ). It is all about reclaiming health through reclaiming our emotions and intuitions--our feminine power--as well as getting in touch with our natural hunger and satiety signals. Anita uses metaphor and storytelling as well as specific techniques to identify what our soul hungers for behind the food, to bring us closer to our authentic selves, and to help our bodies regain their optimal weight naturally.

I am neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer. My intent is to create a meeting place for like-minded women over 50 who are finding it difficult to lose weight but have the wish to be their healthiest selves.

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