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Chat with Coach D about HCG, Weight Loss, and Change.

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This is a virtual MeetUp. Attend from anywhere in the world - all meetings are online or on the phone via teleconference. Learn something new every week.


Sugar Comes in Many Colors and Textures

Join Coach D as she talks about the many faces of sugar and the
toxic side effects to the human body.

If you have a question, Coach D will answer it!

Tues, January 15, 2013

8:00 PM Eastern

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Topics will change from week to week. We don't want to make the meeting repetitive so we mix them up. Some weeks we will talk about sugar cravings or what oil to cook with - which are toxic - which are healthy? Other weeks we will learn about hormone balancing, adrenal glands, detoxification, various types of hCG products, weight loss, and how many of these modalities work and are done easily from the privacy and comfort of your own home. The topics are all health and wellness related - mind, body and spirit related too. We will have occasional guest speakers that will come and teach.

This group is all about education. No one is here to sell anyone anything although if there is someone interested in a specific product or that has a specific need, we can usually make recommendations and give the facts as to why we recommend what we do or why we recommend a particular person or organization. If we can't help, we can give you some direction that should help you or maybe someone in the group can help. This is an informative meetup with the main goal of helping those that are seeking, get answers so they can make their own informed decisions and move toward great health and wellness.

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