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Wow such a HUGE subject and one for which you will find literally millions of diets, comments and recommendations on the net. But where do you start and which of the latest “innovations” should you follow? Perhaps you have already tried one or two of the programmes or may be worked with a Nutritionist or a Dietician or perhaps been going to a gym or had hypnotherapy but still have not achieved the results that you wanted?

Well here are some notes (and rules!) to help you.

1. You are unique

· Please understand that we are all unique and what I do for my health and fitness will definitely not be suitable for you and vice versa! So it’s pointless trying to follow a “capture all programme”! Sure there are some basic rules which apply to everyone but then the ingredients, amounts, mix, procedure, timing, sequence etc. all play a role and this is where it becomes VERY personalised.

2. What are you trying to achieve?

· Next try and fine tune exactly what you are trying to achieve? Slimmer, bigger, faster, happier, fitter etc. and WHY?

3. Decision

· This is the bit you may not like!! Now it is crunch time! You MUST make a decision (decision means cutting out other options) that is a commitment to do what it takes to achieve what you want or need. IF you are not prepared to make a whole hearted commitment then do yourself a favour and don’t waste any of your money or time. But if you are ready to push forward with full commitment then read on! (and well done!)

4. Holistic approach

· Now you must understand something VERY important. No diet or exercise programme or therapy regime is going to work in isolation. We are who we think we are, what we do and what we eat and therefore we need to have a holistic approach with a programme that encompasses all these areas.

5. Mind, Body, Nutrition and Mind again!!!

· Mind – your mind is the first stop. Unless you are fully committed and focused ALL the time then you are going to struggle; so you must take time to change your mind to a new level of who you want to be. We can help you with this.

· Body – Yes this sounds like the hardest part but actually it is the easiest. You will need an exercise regime for your body that suits what you want to achieve and this can range from heavy weights to yoga or boxing to dancing. We have everything you need at The Circle.

· Nutrition – next you need to understand what your daily nutritional requirements are in order to achieve your goal as in 2 above. We can help you here too!

· Mind – now you must again understand your mind because funny enough your state of being affects the way the food that you eat is allocated for example to energy for immediate or short term use or for longer term storage (fat)! We know a LOT about this!

6. Circle Nutrition

· At the Circle we are designed to address all of the above. We are the only organisation (that I know of!) which has a Circle Coach to help you in each of the above areas and to direct you to the specific practitioner within our group.

So come and Join us and discover the NEW YOU.

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