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What we’re about

The Weighted Dice board gaming community is a Utrecht-based group that meets monthly to play board games.

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We have an extensive library of games made available to us by Het Lab, plus many people bring their own games and share with the rest. We have a wide range of games being played on our game days; party games, family games, heavy euros... Everyone can find something they like. No matter if you're an avid gamer or have no experience with board games and want to explore this hobby, you're welcome. People are happy to teach the rules for the games they setup.

In the Discussion section, you can find threads of conversation.
These meetups are primarily in English and anyone who has some level of English should feel at home.

This is a public meetup.
We encourage new players to join us, there is no need to know how to play specific games, You can learn at the meetup.

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