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This group is only for people that want a great life with fun, discovery and knowing yourself inside-out. Time to have fun hacking problems with a group of amazing people.

Being weird with your problems is never boring! When your real life starts to change in amazing ways you will be so HAPPY you join a tribe of men and women getting weird with their problems.

Only fear can keep you from joining, we have endless solutions to hack fears away!

Why keep trying to make old boring self-improvement stuff work? Maybe, it's time to get weird with your problems. Why not? Why do normal solutions you repeatedly use seem to make problems persist? Maybe, problems just laugh at your efforts. Why are you still trying to figure everything out on your own? Let a tribe help you hack your problems.

Warning this is NOT a support group. You will keep your secrets and continue to work on solutions at home on your own or with friends. Everything you do or don't do, is your choice.

Make this the BIGGEST tribe ever, bring friends,family and even frenemies.

Hey it's time to get weird! Everything you think we can't solve- we can because our solutions are unlike anything you have read, watched or seen anywhere.

You won't be bored by lectures because everyone will be too busy doing WEIRED LIFE HACKS on business, self-improvement, and dating problems.

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