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[Date Change] Craft Day: New Location
The gate code is #0117. When you dial that, it will call my phone and I can press 9 to open the gate. The map is here: map () The intention of these instructions is that your chosen map program will get you to the Camden Apartment Complex. However, as this is a block-wide complex of about 500-something apartments in separately-gated subsections that function almost as 3 separate apartment complexes, DO NOT ASSUME that google maps will get you all the way to the correct door. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and look at the jpeg map I have posted. The correct subsection is the southernmost part of the complex, and is bordered on the east by Good Latimer. There are two parking garage entrances on Good Latimer, however only one of them will work. The other will take you into a completely separate building, from which you CANNOT GET TO THE CORRECT BUILDING without leaving that parking garage entirely. The correct parking garage is south of Taylor St., so that if you are coming south down Good Latimer, you will pass the incorrect parking garage, then pass Taylor St, shortly followed by the correct parking garage. The parking garage has 3 apartment buildings attached to it, and many people get lost down the wrong hallway. The correct hallways are the ones with the handicapped parking in front of the walkway. The apartment itself is on the 4th floor. The apartment number is 22402 (which is how they designate that it is Building 22, Floor 4, Apartment 2), and at this writing, has a welcome mat with cat butts on it. As you are driving up the parking garage, floor numbers are (rather discretely) marked on the elevators and on the stairwells in some of the corners. I realize that other people's apartment complexes are, well, complex, and that no one likes having to make their way through an unfamiliar maze of ticky-tacky buildings designed by uncreative people to all blend together for some reason unknown and completely mysterious to the visual people and artists and outside-the-box-thinkers who are likely attracted by a group called the Weirdery. But at this time, this is what it is, and at the very least, it has plentiful and convenient parking. *A note on parking: guests are asked to park on the top floor of the garage, but when I first moved in and forgot to put my sticker on the windshield for a good month, it took that long for me to get a warning. So parking around the corner of the walkway from the garage to the units, where the cars start thinning out, or parking on level 5 is suggested, but if you have your hands full or don't wish to walk the extra distance, you should be fine parking closer to the door. Everyone brings their own craft supplies, though sometimes some people have extra supplies they don't mind sharing. We've had people painting, drawing, coloring, sewing, beading, knitting, kite-making. No craft too weird. Craft Day is for creative people to gather in one place and keep each other company/ inspire each other while we hang out and do creative things. The intention of this meetup is to allow people to work on projects together, to inspire each other to work on that thing they started or meant to start and then shoved into their closets and forgot about, to get excited again about creating, to ask someone else for ideas about something they're stumped on, to share skills and knowledge, to meet new people. We've built up several regulars who come to every Craft Day they can, and we get new people every month. Don't be afraid to come if you don't know anyone or can't find a friend to come with you.

Camden Apartments

2410 Taylor St. #22402 · Dallas, TX

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The Weirdery is designed to bring together those who consider themselves "weird" in the positive sense. Weirdery group members are: Creative geniuses, spiritually aware, cosmic, mystic, sewers, knitters, crafty-crafters, builders of unique and bizarre, sculptors, Reiki Masters, Tarot Readers, Burners, hoopers, fire dancers, yogi's, crystal healers and just interesting folks who love life, love connecting and creating and sharing. It is more of a state of mind than a particular hobby that brings us together at "The Weirdery". We are not just "outside the box" thinkers, we have grabbed the box, painted it, added a few feathers and turned it into a cool lamp. We will have Meetups that are meant to connect with like minded souls in an open minded environment, enhance our talents, drive our creativity and inspire each other. Examples of our Meetups: Yoga and Meditation Nights Sewing Classes Knitting Crafty Projects Drum Circles Potluck Dinners Poetry and Spoken Word Mustache Pub Crawls Costumed Affairs Bellydancing Hooping in the Park Healing Arts Sessions with Reiki and Crystal Healers Volunteer Work Guerilla Style "Acts of Awareness" Free Hugs Snuggle Parties Random Acts of Kindness etc....

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