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KnockoutJS and ASP.NET with Gareth Bradley

Hosted by Bevan A. and Gareth B.
From Wellington .NET User Group

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Got a growing amount of jQuery in your application to manage rich interaction? Curious about these new fangled Javascript frameworks like KnockoutJS, Backbone & Angular? Ever pondered how these new fangled web 2.x apps are being assembled?

For this session I'll give a run-through with Knockout JS. But more importantly, talk about managing rich interaction - which applies across any JS framework you may be looking at. Microsoft’s come to the party with KnockoutJS (or come to Knockout’s party?) - Including it as a standard part of a new web project, and growing intellisense support for both the JS library + HTML views.

Come along if you’re curious about client-side rich interaction & how Javascript makes that better & worse.


  • Former member

    Former member

    Oooh was late, got locked out. Looks like it was a great session. Thanks Gareth for the links they very useful esp.the Rab Conery one

    4 years ago
  • Gareth B.

    Thanks for dropping by everyone. Related links time:

    - The Knockout site does a great job of having easy access / in-browser demos + tutorials. I mentioned that I found it the most inviting of the frameworks in terms of 'mental onboarding':

    - If you want to get a cursory feel for each of the main JS interactive frameworks (Knockout/Backbone/Angular/Ember), Rob Conery's talk from WDCNZ was a highlight of that event: [42 min]

    - If you'd like to see how Knockout would hang together as a larger SPA (Single Page Application), John Papa's video is really good. It covers using the 'Hot Towel' template of Durandal (page management / app 'container'), Knockout, RequireJS (module loading) and Breeze (data management) [52 min]

    4 years ago
  • Richard R.

    Very useful talk, I've been a fan of WPF data binding for a while and hadn't quite got around to looking at the web frameworks for data binding yet, but I see Knockout has a few capabilities beyond those of WPF, e.g. binding to functions! Great stuff and I know what I'll be spending the morning at work doing today...

    4 years ago