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IMPORTANT MESSAGE - PULLING THE PLUG ON THIS GROUP... I've maintained this group for a LONG time now, and both Meetup and my own circumstances have changed many times during the period. One of the changes meant I could no longer accept new members into the group without incurring greatly more expense; we maxed out the permitted membership for the price tier I was on. It already costs me (and has cost me) £17 a month for the last ten years. For most of that time it's lain dormant - a dusty repository for memories. I'll write a bit about why on earth I'd keep it going another time, another place.

Now I'm pulling the plug.

Most of the material on here was contributed by me, Adam, Anthony, Phil and Oliver, but many other people added things too - particularly the two Lee's, who also generously gave of their time and effort in running games for people.

Because of the way Meetup works, you'll get emails asking you if you want to take over the organiser role. I don't expect anyone will and this stuff will disappear into the dark. I've saved off the things that meant the most to me - perhaps others will wish to do so too.

I would honestly delete it all now, in respect of other people's rights and intellectual property. But that isn't how Meetup works.

So - I'm going to withdraw as organiser. If it lets me, I'll accept the 122 pending membership requests that I haven't been able to accept for the reasons above. I'm starting a Slack in the hope that anyone still wanting to play this amazing game will have a place to find whatever they were looking for here.


If you want to, join the Skarpsey Slack team here (https://join.slack.com/t/skarpsey/shared_invite/zt-e4ilgf78-iornX3AYL5Dq9698jRW~Iw) - I've also created a Discord to test out here (https://discord.gg/WVYuT4k)

I just want to say a couple of final things. To all those people who joined this group, but never got a game, I'm really sorry. I tried to run open games and it worked, so I recommend that to anyone who wants to play - just create an invite, and if you have at least one other person, run the game. If it's good, more will join.

To all those who asked to join this group, but never got accepted, I'm really sorry. Maybe one of the options above will work for you.

To all those who gamed with me over the years, thank you. I still remember our adventures with great enjoyment and affection, and I'm grateful to have met so many lovely people.

Happy Adventuring!


May 3, 2020


Attention adventurers wishing to explore mysterious cities, delve into dank catacombs and fight dark creatures of all descriptions! If you played D&D or other game systems in the past, live in the area and want to get a campaign going, drop a line to this friendly group. Mature players particularly sought - 20s, 30s, 40s... Preferred game system is Pathfinder, but we've played 4E and 3.5 in the past. Other game systems considered e.g. CoC, Mage, etc.

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