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Transmission Meditation - A World Service
FREE ENTRY. ALL WELCOME. Do you want to help the world and build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? Transmission Meditation is the simplest way to do both, at the same time. Transmission Meditation is both a world service (Karma yoga) and the most potent technique of personal development (Laya yoga) available today. This meditation is a virtual 'hot house' for the spiritual growth of those who participate on a consistent basis. It provides a vehicle for service affecting the entire evolution of humanity for the better. As people make contact with that higher aspect of themselves ― the Soul ― they begin to feel the need to be of service to others. This inclination to serve brings them into contact with people and circumstances where this Soul purpose can be put to practical use. Thousands of people around the world are joining together to aid in the work of transmitting these powerful spiritual energies for the benefit of humanity and the construction of a new world based on Unity, Sharing and Justice. Service is most potent when performed in group formation. As this relates to meditation, it is known that far greater energy can be handled by groups than by individuals meditating alone. Thus, Transmission Meditation offers a unique opportunity to serve humanity, working with others, right where you are. There are more than 600 Transmission groups in 40 countries worldwide meeting on a regular basis. Their combined efforts since 1974, is creating a 'Network of Light' around the planet. You may join an existing group in your area, or form your own group by simply inviting a few interested friends to meet with you at least once a week. All you need is the intention to do so and the desire to serve. There is never any fee to participate. A group may begin with as few as three people. Once a routine is established it often becomes a special and important point of focus in each individual's life. Transmission Meditation is safe, scientific, non-denominational, and extremely potent. It will not interfere with any other religious or spiritual practice. In fact it will enhance your personal meditation and any other service activities in which you may be engaged. Many people find they can experience and demonstrate love more easily. Others report that their mind is more stimulated and creative. Some people receive healing, spontaneously, during the transmissions. FREE ENTRY. ALL WELCOME. All queries welcome - Email: [masked] You can find New Zealand Transmission Meditation Groups on this link: ( Introduction & Instruction Videos: Transmission Meditation ( Free Online Book: Transmission A Meditation for the New Age (

Trinity Union Church

100 Riddiford Street, Newtown · Wellington

What we're about

Towards A Culture Of Love & Aroha
Wellington Heart is a gathering of a diverse group of people with a powerful intent to reconnect as ‘community’ to transform our systems with compassion and sustainability.

We are concerned about the future of humanity and the need to be part of the change that is required. Connecting with like-hearted and like-spirited people is seen as the way to build capacity for that to happen.

Wellington Heart will provide a forum for those who believe we need a compassionate, thriving, sustainable and spiritual approach with love-based and value-based politics, inspired by Max Harris, author of 'The New Zealand Project' in the creation of a fair and just society where as a group, we can learn, share, and empower each other.

It is hoped events, both mundane and spiritual, will connect people who feel alienated by “politics” with a lack of trust in our bureaucracies. Looking at new models presented by Max Harris in his book 'The New Zealand Project' and Oliver Hartwich’s passion for introducing 'Localism' into our local government system will give us concrete inspiration as potential application here in Wellington.

We will be open to anything that happens, for the greater good of all people, that supports and encourages love, peace, trust and connectedness to lift the energy of our city, our country and our global world.

Many of our current “care” systems have become complex, focus on power and control, are deficient in values and are affected by hypocrisy. We need to move away from that model so that when our people and our communities need care and compassion, the support networks are there for them at their most vulnerable times.

Wellington Heart is working towards a compassionate, thriving, sustainable and spiritual Wellington.

What About Spiritual Wellington?
Are you also curious about the nature of spirituality, exploring the meaning of Life & Death, meeting other open-hearted people, and serving humanity and our planet? We are all teachers and students in the School of Life. Come and share our collective wisdom and stories so we can support and learn from one another.

We are free creative Spirits and Explorers of Life & Death who come together in the Spirit of Peace, Joy, Empowerment, Freedom, Spiritual Growth and Expansion. Share your natural wisdom and passion with us. Spirit Matters in everything we do because it is innately omnipotent, manifestly everywhere and drives us on towards the Evolution of Consciousness, the meaning and purpose of Life in myriad resonances, with every Soul on Planet Earth.

MeetUps & Courses
* Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 2 hr Intros. & 4 - 6 hour Day Courses
* Empathy Cafes (NVC) 2 hour Meetups to practice Empathy & NVC skills
* Bully Busters Busting with Empathy - for Schools & Workplaces (on request)
* Death Cafes 2 hour Meetups to chat about Death, Dying & Living Life more fully
* Death & Dying 2 - 4 hour Meetups to Prepare for a sacred exit and a 'Good Death'
* Death the Great Adventure 4- 6 hour Day Courses on Death, Dying, the Soul & AfterLife
* Grief, Death, Loss (NVC) 4 hour course on mitigating grief with compassion & empathy
* Soul Psychology Intro. 2 hour introduction & overview on the Science of the Soul
* Soul Psychology Course 6 hour Course on Soul Evolution, Rebirth, Karma & Life Purpose
* UFOs & Their Spiritual Mission 2 hour multi-media presentation (includes Crop Circles)
* Ageless Wisdom Education (AWE) 4 hour Course on The Spiritual Heritage of Humanity
* Transmission Meditation - A World Service Weekly on Thursdays & Sundays @ 7pm
* Save Our Planet 2 hour Eco-Spirituality, Divine Principle of Sharing, Global Commons
* Ukuleles For Peace 2 hour Beginners Courses & Weekly MeetUps - Peace through Music

Check Home Page for all regular updates of MeetUps

Curious About Death & Dying?
We ran the 1st ever Death Cafe in Wellington and the 1st ever Public Death Cafe in New Zealand. We gather once a month at Trinity Union Church, 11 Hall Avenue (off Hall Street) in Newtown, Wellington, to bring our community together and exchange conversations about Life & Death, to ponder, wonder and celebrate the Art of Living and Dying in compassionate community. Come on down and share your thoughts, anxieties, fears, stories, and enjoy conversing and mingling with like-spirited warm-hearted people. Let's take death gently out of the closet and make a friend, not a foe, of this inevitable companion to us all!

At Death Cafes, we also celebrate Life & Death with song: Bring your ukuleles, guitars, mandolins, flutes, tambourines, Irish drums etc to play, sing together and create our own community chorus and sing-along Ukulele song charts and chords are provided - the rest easily follow. Check Upcoming Meetups for details.

This is an inclusive space to share and connect with all free spirits, explorers of Life & Death, cultural creatives and members of the general public.

Unity In Diversity we welcome everyone regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, religion or no religion, inter-faith or diverse spirituality, socio-economic class, or any other humanade condition. Together we can create a regular sacred space where people meet and experience their connection to one another in the Spirit of Peace, Unity, Goodwill and Harmony amidst the Great Adventure of Life & Death.

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Ka wahaia te kotahitanga o te Wairua!
Continue to pursue the Unity of Spirit!

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