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Apologies for the delay -- I have been sick with a bad cold all week.

When Carla and I established this group, we were expecting to get maybe a dozen members. We now have well over 100 members. Clearly, we've tapped an unmet need in the community.

Unfortunately, the way we'd envisioned this is that I would work with a small group of junior devs over a period of weeks on a group project, and this would allow all the devs in the group to complete a reasonably complex, real world project while seeing all aspects of JS development.

There is only one of me and I already have a full-time job and then some. So I can handle one (1) group. A group might run 16 weeks or more.

What is clear now is that the common Meetup.com setup for meetings where it's first-come, first-served is not going to work. For this reason we're going to use this group to keep track of members and to respond to inquiries. We may also have occasional informational meetings. But we will cancel all other planned meetups for the moment.

For the actual mentoring and project work we're going to set up small teams using another medium. The first team, made up of those who attended our inaugural meetup, is already being formed.

In the meantime, I am working hard to find other mentors who are willing to host their own groups. We'll make announcements here as they become available. So hang in there: help is coming.

I wish we could take everyone, but we really had no idea there would be so much interest. Thanks for your patience.

Original About text: This is a meetup for JavaScript junior developers and others new to JavaScript, with a focus on front end and particularly React, Redux, GraphQL, using ESNext and a functional approach. Meetups are primarily coding sessions where juniors can pair program with each other and with volunteer senior developers, mentors, and teachers. Come meet others in the industry and work on your code.

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