Setup (Part 1) & Agile Mindset (Part 2)

This is a past event

16 people went


Welcome all to the second StripeGirls Meetup!

We had a terrific first meeting. Thank you all who made it for pizza, wine and some serious brainstorming! Diana did a great job of facilitating and we had a really nice turn out of beginner and non-beginner developers - evenly split :-)

At that meeting, we decided on a number of important things:

• The vision for StripeGirls, which is "Empowering women worldwide through tech, by creating a community of doers"

• We'd meet once every three weeks, using SilverStripe as our HQ

• We'd work on one project together - the StripeGirls website on SilverStripe CMS, Framework and Platform

Here's what we have in mind for the next Meetup:


5pm - 6pm: Setup


We had some homework in preparation for this Meetup to install:

1. Text Editor (Sublime, Atom, PHP Storm)

2. Apache + PHP + Maria DB

3. Git - create your own account

4. Composer

5. SilverStripe (Basic Recipe)

If you had any problems with this, Denise will be ready to assist with setup from 5pm - 6pm. -----

6pm - 7pm: Agile mindset


We'll plan how to build the StripeGirls site starting with embracing an Agile mindset.

Hope to see you all there!