• "How we test React apps" by Anna Lezhikova and Cecilia Qi

    Hi all. Had to move this one to May because of the Easter holidays. And this one will be in a new place!!!! Should be better and cooler than the prev one, though a little bit more off the city center. Please check the address in the invitation!! Also staring a little bit earlier (5:30): let's see how it goes. The talk is about testing strategies and techniques I use while working with React apps. We will talk about test pyramid, how to use Cypress efficiently, how to write implementation independent tests, and how to test code with React hooks.

  • Davin Ryan "The future of IT labour and should I go contracting?"

    Over the last few years, I’ve been learning and asking questions about being employed in IT and how to get the most fulfilment from it. This has led me to seek out alternatives such as contracting, and associate or partner status in contrast to permanent employment. This presentation is a brief story about what I’ve learned, tips/tricks and my own journey from permanent to contracting to something else. I’m also going to talk about a movement underway which I don’t think we can ignore about the way we are engaged for our services of which Cloud and automation have been significant enablers. It’s about the transition of software as a commodity to software as a service and what it means to be a Software Efficiencer and whether this should be our next career move.soon.

  • Davin and Tim on work relationships

    Davin Ryan and Tim Wright "How to improve your work relationships and get ahead" Ever wondered how some people are really successful and valued at work - even when their technical skill isn't as good as others in their team? We've experienced these feelings from time to time and found many other technical people had similar experiences too. After much reading, real-life experimentation and feedback, we've put together a presentation to share successful practical tips that we think every technical person should know. Afterwards, you will be a good listener, get to know people quickly, find common ground, have a calming influence and achieve win-win outcomes. Plus some Christmas fun!

  • Russell Briggs and Nick Johnstone


    Russ will talk about "Building an offline-first, cross-platform mobile web app". Over the last few months, I have been building a new cross-platform mobile app for a client using web technology for iOS, Android and Windows UWP. It has been an awesome experience that has really shown me the power of the modern web platform for app development. In this talk, I’ll go through our technology choices and the reasoning behind them, as well as how we dealt with challenges such as Continuous Integration, Remote Logging and offline data storage and caching. Nick will talk about "How to fail with JavaScript". It's a story about my journey into JavaScript and out the other side, filled with genetic algorithms gone wrong, ascii art misadventures, and the series of unfortunate events that made me desperate enough to create a new programming language.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Azure with Seth Reid

    In this talk you'll get a high level run down of all of the available Cognitive Services as well as what is included the in Azure Machine Learning platform. This is a chance to get familiar with what is possible and armed with that information you can create A.I. solutions to solve problems in the world. To finish up there will be a demo showing of some real world applications of various different Cognitive services including vision, speech, knowledge, search and language. Microsoft has been spending huge amounts of time and money creating powerful tools and services in an effort to bring A.I. to every developer. There is something for every need including consumable services, development toolkits and massively scalable infrastructure. Seth Reid is a tech lead at Zarmada building demos, hands on labs and training material for Microsoft Corp. He is also the host of Azure Lunchtime meetup.

  • Konstantin Raev "Using Open Source responsibly: why Yarn was created"

    We will start at 6 pm with pizza and a quiz. The talk will start at 6:30. Konstantin Raev is a fellow New Zealander and a developer at Facebook. He worked in core React Native and Yarn teams. Now he is the technical lead for Marketplace Tab Performance project. https://medium.com/@bestander_nz https://twitter.com/bestander_nz

  • Russ "Server-side JavaScript" and Josh "User interfaces at scale"

    Server-side JavaScript with KoaJS and TypeScript by Russell Briggs This will be a practical introduction to server-side NodeJS development using TypeScript and the Koa web framework. With the addition of async / await to the JavaScript language, server-side JS programming is now awesome and everyone should stop using those other silly languages like C#, PHP, Ruby and Python ;) In this talk I’ll aim to cover: - Introduction to Koa (vs express) - Project Setup & Structure - Brief Introduction to TypeScript - Defining Routes - Middleware - Server-side templating - Security - Testing options About me I've been in web application development for 15 years. For the last two years, I've been specialising in full-stack JavaScript web applications at Xero, using NodeJS and “isomorphic” React. "User interfaces at scale" by Josh Barr Xero's web application is a collection of independent products, built by dozens of dev teams spanning four timezones. Recently we've been exploring how we can coordinate user interface changes within our growing family of apps. I'd like to share some of the lessons learned while scaling up our cross-product wayfinding system to handle 50 million requests a day. Let's yarn about distributed systems and making bold changes to a global product. Josh is an architect at Xero, previously technical director at Springload and contributor to Wagtail CMS.

  • Tim with "To Type, or not to Type" and Steven with "The Talk about speaking"

    Tim Wright "To Type, or not to Type. That is the question." The front end development landscape is remarkably diverse. Programmers can select from a variety of languages covering most programming paradigms. Two prominent languages are Javascript and Typescript - the difference between the two being stronger typing in typescript. However, articulating the advantages and disadvantages of types often focuses on surface details like: "find some bugs earlier", "compiler tells you things", "better IDE support". Over the past several years of programming in a mixed JavaScript (or ECMAScript) and Typescript environment, I've come to realise there are deeper impacts on program design when using typed languages. This talk will introduce types, give a bit of history, cover the surface advantages and disadvantages of types, then look at the impacts on program design that I've noticed. Steven McDonald "The Talk about speaking, and how you can start" Often people want to present a talk at a user group/conference and have no idea how to get started. Some people are just too intimidated and daunted by the task that is actually much easier than you expect. In this session, we will cover: How to choose a topic, How to prepare your talk and most importantly Tips on how to present your talk. I have used all of these techniques myself as well as introducing them to the people I've coached. This will be more than a theoretical talk, I will actively demonstrate everything that I discuss. Steven has been a dev for around 13 years now and I've been speaking and coaching others on speaking for about a decade.

  • Iain Lumsden "Feeling stylish" and Charles Munat with GraphQL

    We are happy to announce that we've got a new sponsor and a new venue: Victoria St. 1, Level 2 (NOT BizDojo or TradeMe!). We will have people to greet you at the entrance and show the way. For the first event sponsored by BNZ, we have two speakers who work there. Iain Lumsden will talk about "Feeling Stylish - Using styled components in React: a journey". Ever want to have all the power of CSS but don’t want to make a style sheet? Do you want to keep you logic display and styling in one file? He will give a demonstration of how the https://www.styled-components.com/ library can help you achieve all this and more, and talk about how he ended up using styled components as his styling method of choice in his web applications. Charles Munat will do a simple demo of how to set up a GraphQL back end in almost zero time with Prisma, and consume it on the front end with Apollo. Best thing since sliced bread? You decide. At this new venue, we have a safe capacity of 60 people and will cater for the same amount. Please RSVP yes only if you are pretty sure that you will show up and update your RSVP if your circumstances change. I will send a reminder one day before the event (as usual). Looking to see you there, Anna

  • "The future of tech learning" and "Chatbots with Microsoft Bot Framework"

    The old methods of bottom-up, "just-in-case" learning via classroom lectures (or their online equivalents) will not meet the demands for highly-skilled workers in the decades to come. We need to learn smarter. Charles Munat will discuss just-in-time learning, top-down learning, front-to-back learning, real-world learning, and more. And he'll explain how to start using these learning methods today. Seth Reid will show us what chatbots are for, why you would build one and how using the Microsoft Bot Framework makes it easy in Node.js. On top of that, you'll learn about how to handle natural language processing so your app isn't simply responding to specific commands, but can understand real human conversations and what your user is trying to do.