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Scheduled so far:


11am Android Netrunner Draft ( - hosted by Nigel - sponsored by Cerberus Games (

11am King of Tokyo ( hosted by Graeme - sponsored by Weta Workshop (

12.30pm Swap table - gather round to trade games

1-3pm WORKSHOP ( -Make your very own Roman board game. $20, all materials supplied. Hosted by Rhiannon. (limit 20)
[masked]pm WORKSHOP ( – Create a leather-bound book. $20 + finishing materials. Hosted by Robyn. (limit 8)

4pm Ticket to Ride ( - hosted by Frank - sponsored by Board Game Rentals (

4pm X-Wing Hunger Games Furball ( - hosted by Alan - sponsored by WOB (

7pm Dominion ( - hosted by Paul


10.30 Tantrix ( - hosted by Adrianne Sponsored by Tarata Games (

12.30pm Swap table - gather round to trade games

1pm Game Design Competition ( - hosted by Richard

1pm Love letter ( - hosted by Travis

3pm 7 Wonders ( - hosted by 'put your name here! msg us'

6pm Splendor ( - hosted by TJ - - sponsored by WOB (

Please add your name in the comments if you're keen to run or help run a tournament. Full support will be given by Adrianne. If you'd like to run a different tournament, just let me know and I'll get you set up on here.

Cheers, and happy gaming!