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The Skyline 160

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Run 160kms (100miles)? Impossible, right? Maybe not...

What say there's a big group of us. And we do it together. And it all adds up to 160kms. Much more doable. And fun.

The Skyline trail runs from the carpark at the top of the Makara Hill road to Mt KauKau TV station. It's 10km. All trail. With amazing views back over Wellington and the harbour.

The plan is that we run it 16 times. Back and forth. Each leg taking 90mins. So the 16 legs add up to 24 hrs.

It's a group run. You can sign up to any leg(s) you want over the 24 hrs. You can run anywhere between 10kms and 160kms. Each leg will have at least 2 people running together, but we're hoping most will have more.

If you're new to trail running, or don't have a lot of experience, this is something to aim for and a great opportunity to get started. And if you're training for the 100km Tarawera Ultra in March, this is the perfect training run.

We'll be running from 10am on Saturday 1 Feb until 10am on Sunday 2 Feb. All through the day, and all through the night.

Here is the online sheet for you to sign up - you can run more than one leg, supporters are welcome too:

Weather and cancellations
Just to note that we won't run this if the weather is bad. It ain't a lot of fun in a howling gale :)

We'll probably make a call on the Thurs or Friday beforehand.