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Sound Bath & Reiki Healing
Sound Bath & Reiki Healing Saturday, September 22, 7-8pm Investment: $40 REGISTRATION REQUIRED to secure your spot (limited to 12 participants) Come and nurture yourself as you lie or sit comfortably and receive the restorative benefits of a sound bath and energy healing. On our transformative journey into sacred sound, you will be bathed in an acoustic symphony of Tibetan and crystal chakra singing bowls played by Gail Kronberg, Certified Sound Healer. The pure, penetrating frequencies created by rubbing or striking these bowls will tune every cell of the body and support your experience of harmonization as you are guided into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Joining us is Melinda Kaur, Reiki Master/Teacher, who will offer her unique skill of energy healing for added vibrational support, release, and empowerment. Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that treats the whole person - Body, Mind, and Spirit. Through gentle touch or by placing the hands slightly above the body, universal life force energy is channeled, activating the natural healing processes of the body and restoring physical and emotional health. Melinda Kaur is a Reiki Master/Teacher and professional member of The Reiki Association with over 17 years experience. She was attuned in Glastonbury, England (Stonehenge ) by William Rand to Karuna Master and has traversed the globe in pursuit of Reiki study and practice. Recently, she traveled to the South of France on a spiritual journey, opening up earth grids and balancing the feminine and male energies of the earth. Her practice, Reiki Joy, is based out of Kirkland, Washington. For more information visit Gail Kronberg is a certified and licensed Himalayan Chakra Bowl Sound Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Owner of Singing Bowl Soundsations in Kirkland, Washington. Gail attended the Atma Buti Sound & Vibrational School where she learned the traditional ways of healing with Himalayan chakra bowls under Master Teacher Suren Shrestha. In addition to her study in energy work, Gail holds a Master of Music degree in vocal performance from Illinois State University. For more information visit www.singingbowlsoundsations or

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