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Wellness Connection Network

People who value wellness and are willing to pay the price of staying healthy now are increasing in numbers. We support each other and learn from each other. The group consists of people with a common goal --Staying Well.

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Why does the Wellness Connection Network exist?

1. The health of Kern County citizens is declining. As a group we can begin to turn that around with information and support.

2. Many professionals in Kern County are here to help. So where do you go and who do you trust? Come to the get-togethers, learn about your health, and meet the professionals who can help!

3. Out of this group has come a gathering of minds on the same wave length. It is enriching to find other people who sincerely care about their own health and are willing to take the steps to improve how they live.

Wellness is a choice. We've all known people who are sick or no longer with us because they did not take care of their bodies. The Wellness Connection Network is a group who work together to sort through the information and misinformation that is coming at us from many sources.

We invite those who have products and services which could benefit others. There will be 30 seconds to tell the group about what you do and how to get more information about your products and services.

There is no organization, fees, officers, or meeting requirements. Speakers donate their knowledge and time. We meet and eat lunch while learning and sharing informtion that helps us all.

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