Upcoming Meetups

What we're about

WELCOME! Members will meet in the general 94612 area for a wellness related presentation, followed by a Q&A and discussion. We'll have a chance to get to know each other with short introductions and the small group discussions. With the suggestions of members we'll arrange small group meetups conveniently located for everyone. We'll also occasionally have large group events such as a hike or potluck.

The main purpose of Wellness Watchers 94612

is for members living in the 94612 area to get to know each other and conveniently gather for small fun meetups focused on wellness. The paragraph below has a few ideas for small wellness gatherings. These small meetups will not be posted online.

A Few Ideas for Small Meetups

might be joining others for a healthy home or restaurant meal, bicycling, playing basketball, volleyball or tennis; planning a singles, couples, family, or all-group potluck; walk/jog/hike; book club or cooking class, preparing soup entrees for the freezer, becoming gym buddies, starting a home based strength building group or fun dance instruction group; joining a Pilates, qigong, yoga, or meditation group together, planning a walk/picnic in a stroller friendly area, going bowling or dancing, playing ping pong (excellent aerobic and brain exercise), carpool to a comedy club, music performance, health lecture, share the work and harvest of a home garden, ETC., ETC. Again, the small meetups will not be posted on line.

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