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The #1 Principle of Ayurveda
Learn Ayurveda by Way of Coyote We're offering two Ayurveda Classes each month. In this first class, we'll be exploring the #1 principle of Ayurveda known as the Commanders Intent. It enables you to more consistently make informed decisions, to tap into and trust your intuition, and know what to do whether its diet, relationships, type of yoga or meditation practice. Ayurveda & Shamanism is an intuitive way of living... it's a way of living in relationship with our bodies, our mind and our emotions. When you can see how the patterns of nature are uniquely patterned within you, you gain greater clarity to live in rhythm and remain connected, balanced, and empowered. Way of Coyote is a traditional way of mentoring. Coyote is trickster and teaches through storytelling, humor, dialogue and real-life mishaps. From coyote we awaken the wisdom within. This is a Virtual Campfire, meaning it's offered online. We're currently leading Youth Wilderness Rites of Passage in Colorado and this is our means of ensuring you have opportunities to learn, grow and be part of the village until we return. If you have any questions, please email me at Learning Learn More:

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    This is a group for dedicated yoga teachers and students who want to deepen their understanding and ability to apply Ayurveda & Yoga in your everyday living. It is focused on providing tools you can apply rather than discussion on theory. These meetups may include specialty topics, herbs, daily rituals, the link of consciousness and body, food, lifestyle, cooking and spices, and how to apply the more subtle principles of Ayurveda & Yoga. Each Meetup is focused on application, developing your ability to apply the material so you can experience the tangible benefits Ayurveda & Yoga provide. Close the gap between the yoga mat and every day life :) OM OM OM!!!

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