This posting is for informational purposes and to coordinate logistics and training amongst participants. The KTA Trail Challenge is what I would call our local 50K trail race. While it doesn't have the fame or the attendance of Hyner nor the isolation of the of the COTW, the KTA is a challenging intermediate rated 50K trail race that attracts many hikers and runners alike and can boast some of the most scenic trails in southeastern PA. To register and learn more about this event go here: https://www.kta-hike.org/map-and-course-details.html The following is lifted from the website: Run or hike on gorgeous, challenging trails in September - while supporting Pennsylvania's only statewide hiker advocacy and trail maintaining organization, Keystone Trails Association! We are excited to offer the 11th annual KTA Trail Challenge, featuring two courses to choose from: 25k and 50k! New to this event? Is 50k too daunting? The 25k option is sure to provide trail enthusiasts of all ages and abilities with a challenge that they'll remember fondly! Trails, stream crossing, ravines, hills, and vistas are all part of this course. The 25k begins at beautiful Susquehannock State Park. The 50k is for trail runners and fast, fit hikers -- a difficult course that will test the limits of even the most prepared individuals. THANKS Four KTA Organizational Members are responsible for building and maintaining the Mason Dixon and Conestoga Trails and have been hard at work preparing the route for this event: the York Hiking Club, the Lancaster Hiking Club, The Lancaster County Conservancy, and the Mason Dixon Trail System. Without their efforts, the KTA Trail Challenge would not be possible! VOLUNTEERS Volunteers ARE NEEDED for the KTA Trail Challenge. Many volunteer opportunities are available including registration (Saturday morning), parking, checkpoints, trail sweeps, and more. Approximately 120 volunteers are needed. Sign up to volunteer here.