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Burke Intermediate & Confident beginners

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Plan A: is to pedal or some push up the steep east side access road to the mid level trail heads. Slayer will be the choice as it`s the longest of the 4 and friendlier to confident beginners.

Plane B:The pedal up may change to a upper trail Sandinista 1 hour pedal up that is friendly to confident beginners also, we just need the ground to be hard or frozen before we can head up as it keeps a lot of water and is too boggy for riding in the wet season so when the cold is here keep this ride in mind so much fun... From there we continue to Slayer & Franks and call it a day.

With the cold wet weather here the man made wood work is slick and sometimes with frost so I`ll be staying away from most of the wood work features and all logs rides on this Burke day just the occasional short flat bridge or tiny A frames that go over a log...

From Slayer we ride Franks down to the 1st switchback parking area and pedal back up the main road to the cars at the yellow gate or we can ride up a trail off the road for those willing. We usually have enough gas for Dawg & Hustler before we call it a day...

Ride time about 1.5 to 2 hours...

Trails will be long and flowy with slayer having some steeper sections that are not high consequence if you keep your speed in check. If you ride all of Burnaby you`ll be able to get by on the above mentioned trails, other burke trails not so much ;]

Meet at the second parking area by the yellow gate just before the gun club entrance you`ll see the cars with bike racks or look for the West Coast banner.

If you have a trail Dog no worries just bring a leash for when we pedal back up the road unless they will heal when you call.

All organizer(s) are volunteers who do not accept responsibility for rider safety and health state before, during and at anytime after this event.

Your Assumption Of Risk

By agreeing to participate in this ride you acknowledge that mountain biking is considered a high risk activity and injuries are a common and can be an ordinary occurrence of the sport. These risks include and are not limited to equipment failures, weather conditions, collisions with natural and man-made objects, including, but not limited to exposed rock, trees, snow, ice, earth stumps and man made obstacles on or adjacent to the mountain bike terrain, collisions with other cyclists, pedestrians, animals, etc; becoming lost or separated from the group; failure to ride safely or within your own ability, and you accept these risks and the possibility of personal injury, death or property damage and the loss resulting therefrom due to any cause and without limitation. In the event of injury or loss, you and/or next of kin waive all future claims against the organizer(s).

Organizer(s) Reservations

The organizer(s) shall reserve the right to turn away any participant who shows up without an RVSP, unprepared and/or ill-equipped to handle this ride. A helmet, water. Other required items are appropriate clothing, armour, food and a trail side repair kit.


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