What we're about

This is a group for anyone who is interested in any (or all) of the following: Starting a Yoga practise / developing an existing practise, building a social network with like minded people, developing flexibility, building strength, Improving concentration, Improving balance, quietening and creating space in the mind. Feeling uplifted as well as more grounded. Learning about meditation / developing an existing practise. All in an open, friendly, and encouraging environment

I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD to welcoming you to the West Hampstead Yoga group by Yoga360 and meeting you in a class / workshop/ course soon. Simon

The Yoga classes are every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday with special workshops on Thursdays

Check out my website http://www.yoga360.co (http://www.yoga360.co.uk/)...For more info on Yoga on Facebook https://www.facebook (https://www.facebook.com/yoga3sixty)....FollowYoga360 on twitter https://twitter.com/y (https://twitter.com/yoga360uk)..

I also teach private yoga / one to one sessions or for couples / small groups.

Private sessions can be really useful to those of you brand new to yoga or if you are out of practise and want a refresher.

Are there some instructions that you would like to go over again in more detail or Is there a pose you are struggling with ?

Is there a nagging pain that is calling your attention? Do you need to some extra advice on how to start your home practice?

To book your sessions please call / text me on 07984613826 or email me at simon@yoga360.co.uk with preferred time slots.

These will be taught via Zoom/Facetime/Skype

I've been teaching since 2010 and these are some of the reviews i've received.

"I’ve been lucky enough to have Simon as a yoga teacher for nearly two years, and I really miss the weeks when I can’t make his lesson. He’s calm, encouraging and supportive, knowing where each student’s edge is. His classes are well thought out, challenging, never boring and always fun - you never fail to leave a session without a smile on your face and a spring in your step. I can’t recommend Simon’s classes highly enough!" SC

"Yoga has been one of those things that I have done behind closed doors with an iPhone app after being far too self conscious to join a class for fear of ridiculing myself. However after biting the bullet and joining Simon's classes nothing beats going to an actual class with an actual teacher! I am finding myself looking forward to classes each week which are so focused on different areas and are definitely challenging! What is very encouraging is how Simon is very patient and supportive especially when each individual has a different level to work with. I leave classes feeling completely at peace, sturdy and that I have had a good session. So if you are one of those people that is still thinking about doing it, I cannot recommend Simon's classes enough, so do yourself a favour!"JT

"I like the fact that Simon's classes almost feel like a one-to-one class. We are all encouraged to push our bodies as far as we feel capable, and I like the science behind things, i.e. the benefit of particular postures." LH

So a bit more about me and why and how i started practising yoga.

Starting Yoga was the best thing i have ever done for myself!

Its funny how life works out though!
My dad started practising yoga in the 70's when i was 15! I remember it really clearly. Every Thursday he would put on his green and black tracksuit and go up to the local college for a couple of hours. Every week too, just before he went i would tease him and take the mickey out of him about doing yoga!

Fast forward to 2002 and with me approaching 40 i decided i needed to see a bit more of the world. I also decided that i wanted to learn to meditate before i was 40 ( not that i really knew what it entailed). In Wellington, New Zealand, i saw a notice in a cafe advertising a 10 day vipassana meditation retreat, so i phoned up and booked there and then.

After a very " interesting" 10 days i learnt a huge amount about myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

I learnt how stiff i was ( bit of an understatement there!) and also how very challenging it was to sit still for up to 8 hours a day for 10 days. On the 10th day, following 9 days of silence, i asked some of the others how they had managed to sit so still for so long and found out nearly all of them practised yoga.

So off i took myself to my first yoga class in a village hall a few days later to see what it was all about, chuckling to myself about what my dad would have to say about it when i told him.

I could hardly touch my toes, had a very stiff upper back from sitting at a desk for long periods, as well as driving 90 miles a day commuting to and back from work. I also had a very stiff left hip ( from a seriously fractured left femur when i was in my 20's and subsequent 12months in hospital) I had worked out at the gym up to 5 days a week for a few years and thought i was strong! But had forgotten about my core!

So I completed the first class and realised that I wasn't nearly as strong as i thought i was! I went to a second, then a third and realised that something was changing on a number of levels....

Over the next 5 years my passion for yoga became even stronger and in 2008 I decided i wanted to learn to teach yoga so that i could share this passion. After a fascinating 18 months & 280 hours training hours i completed my teacher training with Triyoga in London in May 2010. I've also successfully completed 33 hours of Restorative Teacher Training, 100 hour Anusara immersion program, 150 hour advanced Yoga teacher training with Donna Farhi and also I have just completed a Yoga Nidra teacher training in March 2016.

....and fast forward to the present....

i love practising and love teaching yoga and so love my life!


Some common questions and answers about Yoga

Who is yoga for?

Yoga is suitable for all ages, gender and body types. Whilst it has been visibly very popular with women in the west for many years, it is becoming much more widely popular now, with more men attending regular classes and taking lessons, including a number of well known men reportedly practising yoga i.e. Ryan Giggs, Colin Farrell, Adam Levine, Robert Downey Jr and the English Rugby team. Yoga360 currently provides yoga classes and lessons for adults over the age of 18.

How is yoga different from stretching or other types of fitness / exercise?

Unlike stretching and fitness, yoga is much more than just physical postures and includes focus on the breath as well as meditation. It is also a practise rather than a goal or task to be completed. With the physical side of yoga too, there is a focus on connecting the movements of the body and fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of the breath. This allows us to take our focus inward and it is through this, that we expand our overall awareness. Through yoga, your body will likely become more flexible and so probably will your mind.

I am not very flexible and unfit, can i still practise yoga?

Yes, you are an ideal person for classes. This seems to be one of the questions that comes up the most. It is a bit like thinking that you need to be able to drive a car in order to take lessons. You should find that yoga will help improve your flexibility, increase your strength, co-ordination, cardiovascular health and overall well being.

I have never done yoga before. Where do i start?

You are very welcome to attend an open level class but if you are able to I would recommended that you join a beginners class / course too as this provides a safe and specific class for beginners which includes a number of key principles. Even if you do work out, do a lot of sport & consider yourself physically very strong it is a good idea not to go to an advanced class straightaway. There are a number of key fundamentals to learn which you will get from a beginners / level one class and starting here will keep your practise safe as well as enjoyable. Every new student will be asked to fill in a simple health and fitness questionnaire.

What should i wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to stretch and move about without restrictions. A T-shirt or sweatshirt that is not too baggy and shorts / leggings are preferable, as well as bare feet which all allow for more detailed instructions as the joints of the body are more visible. Bare feet also allow you to grip the mat easier particularly in standing poses. Socks may be worn during relaxation at the end.

Do i need to bring any equipment?

No, all equipment is provided, but if you enjoy your first class and intend to continue, you may wish to invest in your own " sticky" mat as this will allow you to practise at home too.

What can i expect from a Yoga Class?

Classes usually start with a short basic relaxation, with a focus on the breath that allows everybody some time to settle down and centre themselves. A number of warm up movements follow, before moving onto the main part of the class. This will include a number of standing, seated, supine / lying down poses (asanas) with some inversions and the class will normally include forward bends, backbends and twists as well as some restorative poses. Clear detailed instructions will be given. The class will also usually include yoga breathing exercises (pranayama) and ends with a 10 to 12 minute relaxation. Adjustments and modifications are offered for beginners or people with health issues or injuries.

What if I have an injury / health issue?

If you have an injury or a health condition that may effect your ability to do the different physical movements and postures, please let me know before the class begins preferably in advance to discuss your situation. It is also highly advisable that your GP or doctor gives you the go ahead before taking yoga classes. In most cases, I should be able to modify the poses to fit in with your needs. You may also decide to start with a one to one / private yoga lesson, so that I can asses your ability and specifically address your requirements.

I go to the gym and do lots of sport. Will yoga still benefit me?

Yoga will absolutely benefit you and hence this is why many sports teams and individuals are taking up yoga. Yoga can sit alongside your other fitness regimes. Yoga can help strengthen muscles that get less attention during workouts in say a gym, such as the lower back and around the knees, and also stretches out the muscles around the hips and shoulders as well as the hamstrings, which are all often very tight in men which can lead to injury or weakness. Yoga can also help increase your range of motion, endurance, posture and flexibility. Improving your flexibility will help you prevent injury and you will also learn to use your breath to relax your body, becoming more mindful of movement and more focused. All of these should help your performance, whatever the sport.

Is Yoga a religion? Will it conflict with my religion?

No yoga is not a religion. It is a personal practise and it can sit comfortably alongside your religious and spiritual beliefs.

I am not a spiritual person, and i have heard that yoga is for spiritual people. Does this matter?

No it doesn't matter. Within the classes and the focus on breath and movement through the poses ( asanas) and relaxation, some philosophy and sanskrit terms ( with english equivalents) will be weaved in. It is up to the individual as to whether they take the philosophy on board.

Can i eat before a class?

It is recommended that you practise on an empty stomach and hence eat 2 to 3 hours before attending a class. This is because we will be bending forwards and backwards and twisting the body and a full stomach can get in the way of such movements and make you uncomfortable. If you are afraid that you may get hungry or feel weak during a class, experiment with a light snack such as a yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a few nuts or a juice about 30 minutes to an hour before a class.

What style of yoga can i expect at a Yoga360 class?

The teaching style is one of emphasis on the breath, healthy alignment, flow of movement, building strength and flexibility, whilst also giving an opportunity for deep relaxation. It is a key aim that all the classes are open, friendly whilst also being focused.

Upcoming events (5)

Hatha flow yoga

Online event

Expect flowing hatha yoga sequences with emphasis on the breath, healthy alignment, building strength & flexibility, whilst also giving an opportunity for deep relaxation. Ideal for everyone whether you are a beginner or more experienced. If you are an existing student of mine, please book through my booking system- https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation If you are a new student please contact me to book at [masked], thank you. Price is £8 full price (or £7 if bought with a 5 classPass £35, or £6 if bought with a 10 classpass £60) Low income / concessions £6 Free/optional donation for all NHS, care workers and those in financial difficulty. Please book your place by 6.30pm and book via https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation Please arrive on Zoom 5 - 10 mins before the class. Link will be shared with you 30 mins before the class. Just wear anything that you would feel comfortable exercising in. My teaching style is one of emphasis on the breath, healthy alignment, flow of movement, building strength & flexibility, whilst also giving an opportunity for deep relaxation. I aim for all my classes to be open and friendly whilst also being focused.

Gentle & mellow hatha yoga class via zoom

Online event

Gentle & mellow hatha yoga online class (Via Zoom) every Wednesday evening 6.30pm - 7.45pm This class is perfect if you are looking for a slow, gentle, breath centred yoga practise. We move through simple movements, taking our time. Price is £8 full price (or £7 if bought with a 5 classPass £35,or £6 if bought with a 10 classpass £60) £6 low income / concessions or free/optional donation for all NHS, care workers and those in financial difficulty. Please arrive on Zoom 5 - 10 mins before the class. Please book via the usual booking system - https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation Zoom Link will be sent 30 mins before the class.

The power of your breath. Introducing breathing practices to transform your life

Book your place via https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation This 90 minute introductory workshop includes ancient practices / pranayama from the yoga tradition - for everyday life as well as to support you in deepening your yoga practice. We will explore practices that will help you to relax deeply...to cope with daily stress...help build focus, concentration, mindfulness, as well as energising, warming and cooling and practices to help you feel more balanced in your life. These will include chest vs diaphramatic breathing, everyday breathing, breath for deep relaxation. We will explore the anatomy of the breath in an experiential way as well as move through gentle postures to help release tight areas of the body that may be restricting your breath. There will also be an online resource to support you after the workshop to support your practise at home. Book your place via https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation

Gentle & mellow hatha yoga class via zoom

Online event

Gentle & mellow hatha yoga online class (Via Zoom) every Friday morning 9.30am - 10.30am This class is perfect if you are looking for a slow, gentle, breath centred yoga practise. We move through simple movements, taking our time. Price is £8 full price (or £7 if bought with a 5 classPass £35,or £6 if bought with a 10 classpass £60) £6 concessions / low income Free/optional donation for all NHS, care workers and those with no income. Please arrive on Zoom 5 - 10 mins before the class. Please book via my booking system link below - https://bookwhen.com/westhampsteadyogaandmeditation If you are new to my classes, I will send you a new student questionnaire which includes some questions about your general health. We will then have a short face to face meet on zoom before the class, to say hello and build some rapport, where you can also ask any questions, if of course you have any. Thank you Zoom Link will be sent 30 mins before the class.

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