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Special Event-

This is a great opportunity to hear an awesome speaker!

West Hartford Women in Networking presents a free business-building workshop with nationally-known trainer and motivational speaker Duane Cashin. Open to men and women from throughout the area

Gain Insight Into Immediate Actions You Can Take to Differentiate Yourself and Expand Your Business

Join us for this 90 minute high energy session where you will gain insight into immediate actions you can take to stand out in the crowd and accelerate your business growth.

In this presentation we will cover the following:

* The importance of understanding the profile of your ideal customer
* How to create a prospecting process that works for you
* How to tailor your message to align with your prospect's needs
* The basics of pipeline management and why they are so important to your success
* The characteristics of a winning attitude and how to maintain it day after day

About Duane:

Duane is a nationally-known motivational speaker and sales trainer.

In business, people often see their environment as competitive and struggle with how to stand out. Those who have heard Duane Cashin see things differently.

Duane draws from his 20 plus years of experience as a top salesman and entrepreneur to deliver clear insight on how to effectively differentiate one's offering in today's marketplace. Duane shows that people can tap in those things that truly make them unique to get real results. With the perfect blend of storytelling, humor, passion, and straight talk, Duane challenges his audiences to rethink everything from their approach to communicating the unique value of their offering to their attitudes toward selling and serving.

Those of us who have heard him speak know that he is informative, entertaining, lively- a GREAT speaker! He was the keynote speaker at the Business Expo in Hartford and normally presents at Lego, Bank of America and other large corporations. We are very lucky to have him for WWIN. From his website:

In business, people often see their environment as competitive and struggle with how to stand out. Those who have heard Duane Cashin see things differently.

So what makes Duane different?

First, he has a completely unique way to approach a business opportunity. He gets people to look beyond the long held traditional theories and leaves them with a new holistic outlook and approach - one that leads to delivering more sales, better service, and longer term relationships with customers.

Second, he relies on real life experiences for which people in today's environment can easily relate. Duane's achievements such as founding a company and growing it to a multi-million dollar enterprise in four years allow him to share credible and relevant insights.

Most importantly, though, Duane delivers his speeches with a passion and intensity that you have to see to believe. After Duane addressed over 1,000 people at an annual meeting at the Bank of America, a meeting planner said "You took the audience on a wonderful roller coaster ride. You got them to feel the disappointment of apathy and the exhilaration of achievement. And I love your energy and passion. I'm certain they will remember this talk for a long time to come".

Duane leaves his audience ready to face the challenges of standing out in today's competitive business environment with a renewed positive outlook and an approach that will deliver results.

No cost to attend.