Jazz Jam #137

This is a past event

16 people went

Price: $10.00
Location image of event venue


For the enjoyment of all, there will be Instrument Limits so that we can have a max of 3 Ensembles playing sets of 2 Tunes:

Piano - 4

Vocals - 3

Guitar - 6

Horns/Wind - 6

Drums - 1 (In Addition to House Drummer)

Bass - 2 (In addition to House Bassist)

Everyone else can come anyway to watch and support the others. There is no limit to being in the audience!

Our goal is to improve our musicianship.

Show up and have some fun!

We switch players every 2 tunes (which is a 'set').

Vocalists get to sing one tune per set. Always bring music in your key (bring at least 5 leadsheets). Although note that horns may need to transpose so complex arrangements may not work.

Other than that, the group decides what to play (well, hopefully it's Jazz). And if you call a tune, better know how to play the head :)

If you're a beginner, you're welcome. Just lay out if you can't hang on the tune. It's ok. No one will think badly of you if you don't push it. However, we have to have at least a mid-level player on the Rhythm section (bass and drums).

To improve your experience, if you're new, just watch first so you understand the interaction. Maybe you don't sit in till the next jam. There's a list of common tunes up top under 'Pages'. A little preparation on some frequently called tunes will save the day.

Always helpful to have the iRealB App on iOS/Android! This group mostly uses that.

If you're unclear on protocols in a jam session (such as not playing over another's solo, multiple guitars comping, or overly loud amps), don't hesitate to ask. It's a very friendly group and everyone wants to help. We are more than happy to teach you what you wish to know. They key is to learn to listen to others. Think of the overall sound and not just yourself.