What we're about

We are joining together to play D&D ("DnD," Dungeons and Dragons) any type: primarily using 5E, but also older versions if enough players desire and can agree to play; such as D&D 3.5, AD&D aka 2.0, Pathfinder, etc.

The goal is to have fun, excitement, laughs, and more, all in a respectful, cooperative, team oriented environment, and make some new friends and acquaintances.

Really: all the rules below are so people can have fun, satisfying games.
These are the details to shoo away those kobolds and evil clerics who are disguised as normal humans.

= = = = =
Games will play online, and may later play in person when safe and agreed upon by all players. Game time and other details are set by the DM.

Expect the first games to use Roll20, and either Discord, Skype, Zoom, or other mechanism for voice and video.

--> The first order of business is finding someone who can DM.
This can be a one time, or a gateway to many games.

= = = = = =

Player's guides:

Players should be able to make commitments* to weekly (or more or less) in other agreed frequency of games. Everyone has occasional issues and must miss a game, which is fine, but we don't want players who only show up half the time or otherwise flaky.

* (commit to individual games as they are created and joined, not this Meetup group)

-- We are looking for quality of players vs quantity, and consistency of players from one game to the next.

-- Games should generally be no larger than 8 people, including the DM, with 4-7 as ideal numbers, but DMs and players within game decide this.

-- Games should be a min of 3 hours, and may go considerably longer; to be specified and clear to all before hand.
-- Play in games where you like other players.

Overall setup:
-- Prefer games with "a story of some sort;" with a mix of exploration, combat, strategy, role-play, discovery, and more; which were once called "a thinking person's dungeon." There is some expectation for players to spend some time and thought on the games outside game play, including tasks such as equipment purchases, loot dividing, and leveling up.

-- Prefer longer term campaigns, although one-shot and one time intro games are possible.

= = = = = =
Etiquette and respect of others:
-- Players and GM/DM alike must show up ready to play, have updated PC sheets, any spells, have sheets for "familiars" and any summoned animals etc are all setup ready to go. Please don't start flipping through the books to cast a spell or summon a creature.

-- During the game, players should be attentive, not on email or Facebook, not on their phones or other distractions.

-- We want mature adults, and we value fellow players with characters that are active, heroic, curious, decent, fun loving people.
-- Over 21, and even older (more mature) is good, although no XXX content.
-- DM/GM sets the house and world rules and individual game details.

-- Newcomers to D&D are welcome as intro games become available; but newcomers may need to first play intro game(s) and perform other learning (watch YouTube tutorials etc) too. Some experienced players might also benefit from watching some of those too ...

-- This is not a money making enterprise, however, people should not spend a lot of their own either.

Players *may* be asked to chip in any anything from buying modules, to bringing cooperative food and drink if and when we play in person. Similarly, players and DM/GM should all help clean up and other chores.
Be considerate and respectful of others. No smoking, no excess drinking or other problems.

There are no fees for this meetup group, however, individual games may have (modest please) fees or other requirements, especially when the game involves a cost to the GM/DM.

I should not need to say this but ... please. Game content, characters, messages, and so on should have zero connection to real world politics, religion, money, sexual content or sex actions of events, porn, racism, insults or bullying, personal agendas, PCs that steal and kill other players, etc. We are here to have fun. This is not "that kind of role-playing."

There are other groups and therapists for people with these issues.

= = = = = = = == =
Setup. Please have:
-- A fast internet connection such as 100 Mbps.
-- Software and gsme-supporting software and accounts such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Discord, Skype, Zoom and others. DMs/GMs set each game's settings for this and member don't need all these.

-- You will also need an internet/computer camera and a headset, although not all games will have video (DM choice). Computer Equipment recommendations are available.

-- (again) Please do not play with the mic and speaker on a laptop as this often leads to game-derailing problems. Use a headset.

-- Players will need a modern computer at home where they can focus on the game.
-- Dual monitors is highly recommended (used monitors work fine and are not very expensive). It makes the game go faster and is better for each player.
-- Gaming on a cel phone is not possible.

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