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Interested in learning tai chi for health, wellness, or self-defense? Six Harmonies, Eight Methods Water Boxing (Liu He Ba Fa; Liuhebafa; or Lok Hup Ba Fa) is sometimes referred to as "Hua Yue Tai Chi" because of its fluid and precise movements, which are often practiced slowly the way that tai chi is. However, many of Liu He Ba Fa's principles are unique and cannot be found in any other arts, including tai chi. Liu He Ba Fa focuses on biomechanics and leverage, which help to move chi around the body, making the art great for overall health and wellness. In addition, through correct body structure and use of the joints, great martial power can be developed and applied in combat. Instructor Grant Ching is one of the only teachers of Liu He Ba Fa in the United States (Los Angeles). He primarily teaches Zhu Ji (“Discovering the Foundations”), the original form of Liu He Ba Fa. Zhu Ji emphasizes technically precise movement. There is a saying that "Focus on and refinement of Zhu Ji will bring great skills in other areas, whereas training in other areas will bring great understanding to Zhu Ji.”

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