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I'm Helping Business Owners Avoid The Same Marketing Mistakes I made
I'm Helping Business Owners Avoid The Same Marketing Mistakes I made.... And Gain Access To Proven Marketing And Sales Framework... Details are here: What You Get When You Join One of The Meet Up Sessions: + Customer Avatar Framework ($297 Value) + Customer Targetting Framework ($297 Value) + Story Selling Scripts ($997 Value) + Social Media Marketing Framework ($497 Value) + Copywriting Framework ($497 Value) + Video Marketing Framework ($297 Value) + Lead Generation Framework ($497 Value) + Lead Conversion Framework ($497 Value) + Sales Conversion Framework ($997 Value) + Search Engine Optimization Framework ($3997 Value) + Landing Page Optimization Framework ($497 Value) + Step by Step Framework on Building A Marketing Funnel ($3997 Value) + Beginners Guide to Building A website from A to Z ($2997 Value) +BluePrint To Generate Unlimited Traffic ($1997) Total Value $18,358, It's Your Lucky Day Because You Pay A Small Fraction For A Big Win

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What we're about

Are you getting maximum results from your marketing efforts??

The goal of this marketing meet up is give specific/actionable step by step formula's you can implement to start getting more leads and customers.

Every meetup is designed to give you proven templates you can implement into your business right away.

Here is what some of our members have to say:

>>>It was a good meeting packed with valuable information, no fluff, no pitching of products, just real information for those seeking to know the truth about SEO and how to grow their business. Vladimir gives actionable steps you use to get more leads and customers for your business. I look forward to the next topic...

Sean Scott Insurance Agent>>>>

>>>>> Excellent Meet UP Group---Vladimir really offers great value in his training's. You really should join us and learn how to take your business to the next level

Bill Pickert Small business owner/ Affiliate Business Owner>>>>>

Who is this Meet up For?

This meet up is for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want proven strategies to help attract more of their ideal customers. If you want to capture easy wins and speed up your results, then you will benefit from this meet up. Each meet up topic gives you proven templates to help fast forward your lead generation process.

If you are just getting started or have found it hard to get leads and customers for your business, you will also benefit from this meet up. This isn't a typical training where you just get content and be left on your own to figure things out. We dive in deep and give you step by step process of how to implement each strategy from a to z. Plus you get to interact, ask questions and get crystal clear on how each strategy is applicable to your type of business.

Things we don't do in this meet up:

This meet up isn't a speed networking/dating or mixer type event. It's designed to be a training, whereby you obtain actionable marketing information you can implement and grow your business right away.

We are not a network marketing or multi level marketing type meeting. We don't pitch any products, rather we genuinely give you marketing/sales content that will help you grow your business.

The content in this course is designed to benefit any small business owner/future business owner.

The marketing systems presented in this meet up are proven and can be applied to help any business go to the next level.

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