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Celtic Fantasy Campaign -FULL
• What we'll do Set 1000 years after refugees from English oppression fled into the fae lands (Annwvynn), the sons and daughters of the 5 Kingdoms battle the creatures of the mists who would plunge the lands into chaos. Set on the edge of civilization where threats to a small village have massive impact on the kingdom of Argyle. Will the players be able to stave off the terrible events to come? • What to bring Pencil and note paper is handy. Everything else is provided. • Important to know The Genesys system is being used. Draws heavily on Realms of Terrinoth.

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Stevens house

202 E Saddle Lane · Phoenix, AZ

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Has anyone noticed a distinct lack of gaming groups on the west side of Phoenix? Sure, there's SAGA for people in California...I mean, Surprise...but for us gamers simply in West Phoenix, you'd have more luck beating a Tarrasque at mud-wrestling than finding a group nearby! So, my fellow West-siders, this group is for those of you who enjoy RPGs--be they d20-, d6-, or d%-based--are cool and laid-back, and (please) bathe regularly (seriously). The majority of our meetups will be at a public location in order to get a feel for everyone else before making that all-too-committing commitment to join them in a gaming group. (Sometimes it feels like it'd be easier to beat a mind flayer at chess than find a good gaming group; am I right?) Then, of course, we can split off to other locations to game. Bring your dice and books and we may even roll up some characters!

Group Rules:

• Cross posting is encouraged--as long as the post is about a roleplaying game in the Phoenix Metro Area. It's hard enough to get hosts, GMs, and players. We encourage you to publicize your game or con. If this is not the primary Meetup for your event, provide a link for people to RSVP to.

• Be civil.

• When you post a Meetup, please list relevant rules and "eccentricities" that apply to guests/players. If your game is going to be more than PG-13 with extra violence, let that be known.

• If you are proposing to play a little known game system or setting, describe it. You may also want to post a link for players new to the system to get their own rules.

• If you are going to an event, RSVP.

• If you RSVPed and won't go to an event, cancel.

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